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Day 1 of the FEAST= What does it mean to sit at the table?

Who are you to sit at the King’s table and eat? What gives you the right to be here? Because you are a prince or princess of the King! Have you ever had a meal with someone you didn’t know … Continue reading

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Are you hungry for God? Do you desire to be satiated by His presence and His love? Then I invite you to come join the F.E.A.S.T.  Join us for 40 days where we will be feasting together around God’s bountiful … Continue reading

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Past the point of no return?

I know, the title of the post is from an opera, but it aptly describes something I’ve been thinking about recently from a seminar at the summit. (I won’t name the seminar or the presenter as I don’t want to … Continue reading

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SMOKE is in the Air

Smoke from Ignition. Smoke from the prayer that surrounded Ignition and the Youth/Young Adult Summit. The smoke hasn’t settled for me yet.  I hope it never does. Infact, I hope that this is a fortaste of great things to come … Continue reading

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Ignition Ambition – prayers for James and Allan

I am still buzzing after last weekends experience.  The Spirit of Jesus is stirring in the hearts of young adults from all over this nation.  I am wondering if next years event will be called IGNITED as the ignition has … Continue reading

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Quotable Quotes about IGNITION

IGNITIONites: We’re putting together a feature article about IGNITION, and would love to include a quote from you. Would you post your 1-2 sentence comment here to this question: What was your experience of IGNITION like? What impact did it … Continue reading

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Evaluation and Photos

Over 200 photos have been posted at the NAD webpage, along with an evaluation form.

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