Consecration of IGNITION

There are many important facets to IGNITION. As we have emphasized, prayer is central. We’ve spent many months praying over our preparations/logistics. We’ve spent 40 days praying for young adults and inviting them to pray forward. We’ve dedicated the past couple of days bathing our lives with prayer so that GOD’s design would shine forward, not our own agendas.You are invited for the next prayer opportunity. Carolyn Macomber is leading in our consecration of IGNITION. We want to wrap this offering to GOD in prayer. Here are Carolyn’s suggestions:

Just a few other thoughts in regards to this.

During set up: Have prayer in each of the rooms used for Ignition seminars by you and/or some of your staff (those arriving early to set up). I know this takes time, but I believe it sets a tone for what is to take place. In a sense “anointing” each room for the power of the Holy Spirit to work in the lives of those that will be attending and those that will be presenting. Claiming that room/ground as Holy ground for God to move.

In the middle: Have someone on your team pray with and for each presenter before they share.

3.) At the end: What if you have a special time at the Sunday Advisory – i) At the beginning ii) In the middle iii) And at the end

To bathe the meeting in prayer – or have people intentionally chosen to silently pray during the whole advisory.

Amazing things happen – not in our own power, but in the power of the Holy Spirit through prayer.

I am keeping all of you especially in my prayers as the excitement and tension mounts for IGNITION.



1. During Set Up

So today as we set up, I want to invite you to pray over our rooms (as noted in #1). On the website you can take a virtual tour of our meeting spaces, so even if you are not physically here in Dallas, you can pray for our spaces. Most of our IGNITION specific meeting with be in the San Antonio ballroom. The Summit General Sessions will be in the Lone Star ballroom. Our prayer rooms are Suites 580 & 581. Pray over the points Carolyn suggests, ask for a downpour of His Spirit. I invite all of us to pray over these spaces today as we set up.

2. In the Middle

During IGNITION, please connect with Carolyn, either in person or via email to alert her of your willingness your to pray over presenters, activities.

3. At the end

Following IGNITION, again connect with Carolyn to bathe the advisory in prayer. Contact her so we are aware of when you are praying and to alert you of any specific elements that need your spiritual attention.

These are holy times. Thank you for lending your prayers, our most powerful ability to enact sacred change in all our lives. Don’t hesitate to stop me in the halls and ask me to stop and pray along with you. It is sure to impact the Kingdom and also preserve my sanity <g>.

Let the revolution begin.


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Jeremiah 24/7
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2 Responses to Consecration of IGNITION

  1. aamphd says:

    A special thank you to Carolyn for her sensitivity to the spiritual in the midst of the chaos. Thanks for centering in on the source of IGNITION’s power and gently reminding us all of Who is really in charge.

  2. says:

    i’m thankful to my friend marivic who referred me to this site….may God bless us all….

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