Ready, set, GO

I am in the lobby of the Adam’s Mark hotel where guest registration is.  Noise surrounds me, excited chatter and children in various shades of pink and red clothing run by.  But I am finding sacred space.

My mind reflects on a busy, hectic tiring day – starting at 4:00am.  My plane was cancelled and they put us on a bus for 2 hours to Chicago to catch another flight.  I didn’t know if I would make the plane in Chicago – but I did.

You know what though – God brought a companion traveler with me – another presenter Adrienne Townsend (who I didn’t know would be on the same plane as I)  and we traveled on a bus for two hours and then on the plane from Chicago to Dallas.  Together we found the super shuttle that would take us to the Adam’s Mark hotel.

Fellow travelers. . . fellow travelers. . . it sure makes the journey easier or more tolerable.

The spiritual journey – sure is easier with fellow travelers.

Allan Martin reminded me today at our first ignition meeting that fellow travelers are important.  We were in groups playing games, and then we were praying for each other.  Prayer for family members that are struggling spiritually,  prayer for “making” it through college, praying for God’s direction in our lives, prayer – sacred space.  And the journey became a little more easier.

Ignition is about a dangerous surrender to the invisible God and following after Him with complete abandon.  I am glad I have fellow travelers on this journey.

Are you finding sacred space?  Do you need a fellow traveler?  Please grab one of us on this blog, or go to the prayer room, —we all need fellow travelers.

God – show us your face at Ignition – we desperately need a glimpse of you.

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3 Responses to Ready, set, GO

  1. aamphd says:

    Carolyn, I am eager to hear how GOD may have answered your prayer. Where did you experience a glimpse of His face?

  2. elisa says:

    Carolyn – i felt so encouraged by you, my fellow traveler, sitting in the hallway of the hotel when we were sharing what God is doing in our lives… well really it seemed like i was doing all of the talking (sorry) but your gracious, encouraging spirit was a breath of fresh air. So thank you for that. Also I just ordered “dangerous surrender” as you recommended – i’ll let you know how i like it.

  3. Carolyn Macomber says:

    Hey Elisa,
    The privilege was all mine. I enjoy fellow travelers and hearing their stories and growing from their sharing. You helped me grow by your sharing and I look forward to more God conversations with you. I can see that God is using you to grow His kingdom with YA’s. The thanks is all mine :).

    Yes, tell me what you think about the book, Dangerous Surrender. It moved me in ways I wasn’t expecting. My awareness of social justice increased incredibly from reading that book and another book called Terrify No More by the group International Justice Mission.

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