In the Bubble

Tonight at the Adventist Christian Fellowship Advisory meeting Carolyn Macomber presented some results of her qualitative research into Seventh-day Adventist students attending secular colleges and universities. One theme that emerged from many of her conversations was the experience students had of being raised in an “Adventist bubble,” that left them unprepared to deal with the world “outside the bubble.” It raises a vital question beyond our ministry to them, and that is, how do we raise Adventist children so that they are prepared for life in the world?


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Jeremiah 24/7
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One Response to In the Bubble

  1. aamphd says:

    That is a powerful question, but before coming back to it, I would highly recommend reading unChristian by Kinnamen and Lyons. I think there are some powerful perceptions that people outside of the bubble have of Christians. I wonder what are the implications for Adventists.

    As an aside, life in the bubble feels like the Truman Show.

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