I started my first blog for ignition talking about fellow travelers. And that is the way I ended my time for ignition.

Many of us from the summit were traveling on the same plane home – but the last leg of our journey was canceled. So. . . .

What started with myself and one other traveler ended with 14 of us trying to reach our final destination. I think a spiritual analogy could be attached to that – don’t you think?

It was interesting, many of us didn’t know how we would make the last leg of our journey – a flight from Chicago to South Bend. Then a fellow traveler, Ron Whitehead, seeing our needs called ahead and had a mini-bus come pick us up in Chicago so we could get home. Fellow travelers . . . . fellow travelers . . . sure make the journey more enjoyable and help us toward our final destination.

Not only did one of those in our group make arrangements to get us home, but they also purchased expensive airport food to feed our little group. Fellow travelers. . . . fellow travelers . . . .

I’m thankful for fellow travelers on this spiritual journey. Sometimes a fellow traver sees one of my needs and comes alongside of me – encouraging me to keep journeying and that someday we’ll all reach our final destination.

Let us keep this journey going — feel free to comment, or pose questions, or answer questions on this blog site. I would also encourage you to check out GOD Encounters Cafe or GOD Encounters .

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One Response to Decompress

  1. aamphd says:

    Thanks for the great conversations on the journey. I would love to have your reflections on those late night/early morning ramblings while bouncing along the pot-holes of interstate highways.

    I’m glad for your name dropping GODencounters, knowing that many of the experiential elements of IGNITION were modelled after it (i.e. prayer rooms, encounters cafe).

    I know you head is brimming with dreams and ideas. Would love a peek into your grey matter.

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