What impacted you at Ignition?

What impacted you at Ignition? How can we continue to support young adults on their spiritual journey? I am just posing this question – hoping to start a good dialogue.

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5 Responses to What impacted you at Ignition?

  1. I learned to trust God. Over and over again He kept reminding me that HE is God and all things really do work for the good of those that love the Lord.

    My journey started out at 6am with my flight being cancelled. I ended up having to take a a bus to the next airport and catching another flight to TX. Out of that episode, I ended up with an unexpected traveling companion, Carolyn Macomber. Carolyn told me about a book she is reading, Dangerous Surrender, by Kay Warren. We talked about how when you surrender your life to God for service, it is not on you to pick and choose how God will use you. I smiled and said “mercy”, because talking to the masses about Sexuality is not what I ever had in mind for ministry…yet here I was on my way to TX to do exactly that…I started this journey begging God to do a new thing in me, with me, and for me…

    God answered that prayer for me in the most incredible ways in TX. Partnering with Matthew Gamble was incredible. I praise God for a ministry partner who yields his life totally to God. We enjoyed such an incredible comraderie and fellowship, all to the glory of God. I was sooooo blessed to talk with, cry with, pray with, and laugh with my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ as we looked at God’s ideal for our lives and just got real with our maker and each other. What a freeing experience…

    I truly believe that God is continuing a revival in the land… We will continue to not only see the needs, but also the manifestation of God’s trasnforming power in our lives and in the lives of those God is allowing us to touch…


    I was blessed by the Prayer Rooms. Being a person who is always on the go, I really needed and appreciated the opportunities to go away and be quiet and spend some time with God. Thank you to all those who worked hard to set up and maintain this needed ministry in TX. I even walked away with ideas for our prayer room here at Lamson Hall and someone who was in TX and has passion for this has agreed to be a consultant for me. AMEN


    It was great to be able to see friends in ministry that I have not seen in years. Great to reconnect and see how God is truly blessing and continuing the work across the nation.


    I appreciated the variety of seminars offered and how each presenter challenged the participants to internalized what was presented and to walk away with practical resources and ideas that could be readily implemented when they went back home. Fantastic…

    I am proud of our Young Adults. SDA Young Adult Ministry is not just a dream it is a definite reality…Hallelujah! Let’s continue to Ignite and cause a continual revival and revolution all to the glory of God… Many thanks to Allan Martin and the NAD Young Adult Ministry team.


    Going back home was another journey. My flight was canceled again…Yet the Lord worked it…I was with a group of friends…Pastor Ron Whitehead called for a bus to pick us up and feed us…God is soooooo wonderful… I arrived home at 1:15am on Monday morning, and sighed with a smile on my face saying, God thank you for carrying me home safely and for granting unto me more than I imagined…God, I stay in awe of you.

  2. elisa says:

    I have much I could share but the overwhelming feeling I came away with is the community that is forming around this united passion of 1) glorifying God and 2) strengthaning the ministry of our church through connecting young adults to bringing glory to God. I loved the aspect of Ignition where I got to spend time with friends – many who were new – and we all share the same focus. I felt an energy in the room during the advisory that I heard referred to by Allan as a “caffine buzz”. Reflecting afterwards (during my LOONNNGG airport delay) I could sense a spirit of a “team” willing to “plunge in” rather than a group of strangers trying to accomplish an agenda. Thank you, Father, for bringing people to this place physically and spiritually. Please protect us from the inevitable attacks from Satan as we embark on the next adventures. Amen.

  3. Bill says:

    What impacted me? Most importantly, meeting all y’all — Carolyn, Zane, Matthew, etc., etc., etc. 🙂

  4. aamphd says:

    IGNITION offers me hope.

    I’ve been around the block a couple of times. I was around when Baby Boomers were young adults, seeking to be included in the church, hoping that their peers would not leave. I was part of Generation X, and experienced the excitement of “verbalized” interest by church leadership in our generation being included and involved. I have watched many high profile tragedies as my peers have been spiritually assassinated by the devil’s sharp shooters. I have perused four decades of research repeating the same results on young adult attrition from faith. I’ve been around the block, at times feeling saddened by our repeated rhetoric and lack of constructive change. But this time around the block, I stopped into IGNITION and ran into hope.

    What has impacted me most is GOD’s perseverance. I see what He has done repeated through new generations, and I sense His hand on the heart of young adults.

    IGNITION gives me hope. And for that I am very grateful.

  5. Bill says:

    Something else that impacted me was Carolyn’s prayer service at the start of the YA advisory on our last day. I’m not normally one for creative prayer experiences, let me just say, and I was tired, and at that moment I didn’t really want to be part of a structured round of prayer. I just needed to rest and reflect.

    But I think everyone else in my group was in the same place. I didn’t talk with any of them afterwards to discuss our experiences, but while all the other groups were energetic and vocal in their prayer, we sat in silence. During each round, as Carolyn led us through the sanctuary, we sat in silence, with only one or maybe two people giving audible expression to the prayers of their heart. I got the sense of some nervousness to begin with, as if no one wanted to be first, but it seemed as if we all settled into this. That we didn’t need to talk. That each prayer was truly voicing what we all had been praying in silence.

    It might not have been exactly what Carolyn intended–but it was what I needed. And it made for a good transition.

    And for the future … this just reminds me that prayer needs to undergird our journey together. That gatherings such as this aren’t just about meeting old and new friends (though that is good), or experiencing creative worship and good preaching (though that can be good). Rather, the heart of it needs to be, as Allan has put it, a God Encounter, with him and in him.

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