He Found Peace @ Ignition

Before leaving for Dallas, we’d been praying about his grandfather. Over the holiday break he underwent quadruple bypass surgery and by now things were looking up. Only, he recently developed an infection, and Saturday night in Dallas my friend received a text stating his grandfather had 3-5 months left.

Just the night before, we’d paid a visit to the cross. We all had index cards and on them we wrote things standing in between us and God. We took the index cards and tore them to pieces scattered at the foot of the cross. While the experience was personally freeing, I didn’t realize my friend was leaving his grandfather there. Sunday morning he told me what he’d done, and how he was at peace – God could do whatever He saw fit.

So last night when my friend phoned and said, “I’m really glad I went to that thing this past weekend” I smiled at God’s incredible timing. The doctors say his grandfather’s expiration date is closer than they’d thought and within a week he may be gone.

He’d been angry and unable to really speak about losing his grandfather, but now he’s swapped all the frustration out for perfect peace.¬† What we took away from Ignition is just as sweet as what we left behind.


About Janice A. Becca

Janice recently graduated from the University of Houston Law Center, and is preparing to take the Texas Bar Exam. In 2005 she completed her B.A. in Communication Studies and minor in Psychology. She's a member of the Houston International SDA Church.
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One Response to He Found Peace @ Ignition

  1. aamphd says:

    Yay GOD! What a wonderful exchange! Glory be to the only ONE worthy. My prayers will continue for your friend and his family and they travel through this difficult time. No doubt there will be many challenges, but PEACE is a precious gift for this place in the road.

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