Quotable Quotes about IGNITION


We’re putting together a feature article about IGNITION, and would love to include a quote from you. Would you post your 1-2 sentence comment here to this question:

What was your experience of IGNITION like? What impact did it make on you?

Then provide your name, age, profession/major.  Thanks!


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8 Responses to Quotable Quotes about IGNITION

  1. Aristede Dukes says:

    It was a time of spiritual awakening and inspiration. Was a great combination of both how too and why too. Just makes me want to go out and find God’s vision for me and do all that I can to fulfill it!

  2. Barna’s talk on the “Revolution” was the perfect kick off to a weekend of learning, networking and experiencing God.

    Josue Sanchez, 36, youth pastor

  3. drjimijames says:

    Just what I needed. I’ve attended MANY other conferences which offered hope, energy, enlightenment, encouragement, and an authentic worship experience, but never at an SDA event.

    Until now, that is.

    Mad props to all of those who sacrificed as leaders, speakers, or presenters in this event. I’ve been close to leaving this denomination MANY times, but being a part of this past weekend has given me some hope. Praise God.

  4. A movement has begun amongst Seventh-day Adventist young adults in North America. How do I know? I was at IGNITION! There I found other young adults from all over the country who were doing amazing things in Jesus’ name. The weekend provided an opportunity to celebrate what God was doing through young adults, as well as to brainstorm the future of young adult ministry in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Through networking, relevant teaching, and solid worship experiences young adult ministry has been IGNITED in North America!

    Matthew Gamble, 33, pastor

  5. Steven Gusse says:

    The seminars and sermons really ministered to me in a profound way. I was so thankful that I went. It was also a great opportunity to share ideas and experience with other people with the same passion for young adult ministry. There is such a great need for young adult ministry and I’m excited that we are beginning to address that void.

  6. Amy Prindle says:

    I was glad to attend a meeting of minds that were eager to discuss issues regarding younger adults and their relationship with church. It was so great that everything was done with much prayer before, during and after. My prayer now is that the things learned, inspired and discovered can now be spread out at the local level, starting a new movement of love and inclusion for all ages.

  7. Jose Bourget says:

    The earnest praying, vulnerable sharing, and missional focus of Ignition reflects what I imagine was the upper room of Acts 2. It seems this generation of young adults are actively anticipating a pentecost of catastrophic proportions. Through Ignition I was inspired, equipped, and sent out to disciple others for the sake of His Kingdom.

  8. La Tanya Greenidge says:

    Being at Ignition was a chance for me to be around other young adults and those working on their behalf who are passionate about Jesus and who have a burden to be a part of his work. I loved the energy of networking with people, engaging in thoughtful discussions, and being part of a church that is responding to its young adults. I enjoyed the workshops and the frankness of its presenters.

    My prayer is that we can take this energy from Ignition and draw in other young adults who aren’t aware of the events/people/resources that are available on the macro-level.

    Thanks for making Ignition happen!!

    La Tanya, Asst. Chaplain, Advent House

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