The Birds and the Bees


“Jay you seriously dint understand what that meant?” – My friends were staring into me as they asked the question, when I referred to the title of this post. After they explained to me what ‘it’ meant, I had to tell them how growing up in India parents never spoke on such ‘taboo’ topics. Forget parents, I would have never dreamt of the Adventist Church I’ve grown-up and grown-into would ever have such a forum for Human Sexuality.

Human Sexuality 101 was one topic that I sure was interested to check out among the numerous other seminars the church had to offer last weekend. Even though I was just in time to make it to the workshop, I was stunned to talk about topics like “How did you learn about sexuality?”, “How does your childhood or experiences frame/inform your current sexual perspective?” with strangers in Christ. But it was the story of the guy sitting next to me, who happened to struggle with pornography for 3 decades that brought me back to the hypocritical state our church was in, and stating the church I also include myself and my denial. The mask we seem to so gladly wear, and pronounce “No, this can’t be”, “Not in my church, everyone is a saint”. This whole idea clicked to me, anything that has to do with changing the mind with a challenge.

Adrienne along with Matthew brought out one of the most important yet, seldom spoken subjects in a move gullible way. Human Sexuality, the complications, the addictions, the things we talk about and that we don’t talk about seem all so neatly tucked under. Some may say this can’t just change over night while I may agree with them, my challenge to them would be, “Are you willing to try?”. Try God.

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One Response to The Birds and the Bees

  1. aamphd says:

    Jay, thanks for the candor of your post. I concur that GOD used Adrienne and Matthew in a tremendous way to reclaim sexuality as a GOD-given gift. I so appreciated their courageous vulnerability and Biblical guidance offered with great clarity and even humor. What a great mix.

    Change is happening. I’m praying for transformation. Thanks to Adrienne and Matthew for being agents for change.

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