Ignition Ambition – prayers for James and Allan

I am still buzzing after last weekends experience.  The Spirit of Jesus is stirring in the hearts of young adults from all over this nation.  I am wondering if next years event will be called IGNITED as the ignition has been turned on and we are on the move!

While I have found both of these men to turn away from public praise, I want to take this time to give a huge SHOT OUT to James Black and A. Allan Martin.  I thank God for James because under his leadership as the NAD’s Youth/Young Adult Ministry Director he recognized the need to develop young adult ministry in the NAD.  Allan was a great choice as he not only has a legacy with young adult ministry, but he is passionate about seeing effective ministry’s develop so that by the time his daughter is a young adult the church will be thriving.  Would you join me in saying a word of prayer for these two leaders.  Take a moment to write a word of encouragement and a word of prayer on their behalf.


Jesus, I thank you for men like James Black and Allan Martin who are sticking their necks out for young adult ministry.  Truly Your presence has Ignited a passion in them.  We lift them up to you today asking you to continue to protect both them and their families.  Additionally we ask that you will continue to bless them with discernment to know Your will and Your power to carry it out.  Amen.

Keep up the stellar work gentlemen!  Prayers ascend in your behalf!mwg   


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7 Responses to Ignition Ambition – prayers for James and Allan

  1. Dear Jesus, give James and Allan a double portion of your Spirit as they follow your directions. Amen.

  2. Carolyn Macomber says:

    I ask that you would at this moment surround James and Allen and their families with your presence and with your protective angels. And in the coming weeks Lord I ask that you would send a special blessing their direction that they can only label as, “it must be God”. Thank you for hearing and answering this prayer. Amen

  3. elisa says:

    Father – I too add my prayers to those here and first of all thank you for your blessing and generousity in calling Allan and James in ministry. Thanks you for guiding their steps this far and for the influence they have on such a wide-spread group of people. I ask for strength and encouragement and wisdom as they face the next few months as challenges and stress comes their way. Thank you also for the privalege to serve along side them and to learn from their experience. All of this is for your glory and honor. We love you – Amen

  4. lisahope says:

    heavenly Father, i want to join in praying for james and allan this evening. you know the needs of their hearts better than anyone, better than they themselves, even. so i ask for Your Spirit to be sent forth with the resurrection power You have promised into their lives. do more than either of them can ask or imagine to further the ministries that You have placed them in. may all who interact with them know that You are God and there is none like You in all the world! i, like elisa, thank You for the privilege of serving with them and learning from them. Father, be glorified in their lives! in Jesus’ name, amen

  5. Father,
    Thank you that eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, nor have entered into the hearts of men all that you have prepared for James and Allan. May your peace, love, wisdom, and confidence in you, totally fill and surround both of these men and their families. NO weapon formed against James and Allan will prosper. Please provide for these men in every way. May everything their hands touch succeed with massive favor from heaven. Thank you for saving them, protecting them, and loving them. In Jesus name, Amen

  6. James Black says:

    Dear God,

    I am so humbled by these prayers. Bless those who prayer for us. Help us keep the fire burning.


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