SMOKE is in the Air

Smoke from Ignition.

Smoke from the prayer that surrounded Ignition and the Youth/Young Adult Summit.

The smoke hasn’t settled for me yet.  I hope it never does.

Infact, I hope that this is a fortaste of great things to come for young adult equipping, ministering, and worshipping together.

I realize I have much more to learn from those on this journey to the heart of God.

Hope is in the air for this church that I care so much about and who gave me a foundation to understand God.  I’m excited to see how this fire of spiritual revival will spread.  I pray that the sky will continue to be darkened from the smoke of ignition (worshipping, equipping, and discipling).

Hope is in the air.

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3 Responses to SMOKE is in the Air

  1. elisa says:

    the smoke of the prayer rooms also lingers in my heart. i’ve truly had “out of the blue” conversations and prayer experiences and opportunities open up JUST THIS WEEK and feel God leading me. Where you ask? I wish I knew – but the spirit is stirring. I tell you – those prayer rooms and experiences are powerful. I can’t even explain it. this weekend i have spent the majority of my waking hours either praying or talking and dreaming about prayer ministries and a prayer room. may God continue to stir our hearts. i’m curious to hear other’s experience this week – what is God doing in your life?

  2. aamphd says:

    Carolyn, your comment here reminds me of the role of incense in the sanctuary. May our prayers continue to rise as a sweet fragrance to GOD.

    What is ignited in us stems from GOD, much like the pillar of fire by night, and pillar of smoke/cloud by day, was not ignited by the Isrealites, but rather “for” GOD’s chosen people.

    May we acknowledge the source of our IGNITION. May we too follow the flame, but also learn an important lesson of obedience from our foreparents. The wilderness is not our home, Egypt was not our home, its time to inhabit a promised land.

    Lord God, please accept our prayers as our humble offerings. Grant us safe passage to your destiny. And allow us to dwell with you now and forever.

  3. carolynmacomber says:

    Home, finally home. To a place where there is no death, not tears, no fear, no pain, no temptation. My heart aches for the time when we will be finally HOME. In His presence, surrounded by those we love, worshipping. Thank you Allan, for your prayers for Ignition, young adults, and His presence to be revealed in us and through us. Let us continue to pray for home.

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