Mad Props to “Best Practices”


Oasis is a collection of young adults in the Chicagoland area, creating “a refuge, a pleasant change from the frantic pace of life where young adults can grow in their relationship with GOD and each other.” At IGNITION, a team from Oasis presented as part of a series of “best practice” case studies offered.

The intention of the best practice seminars was to offer useful models of what forms of young adult ministry are actually working and successful in the local church context. For decades the focus has often been on the statistics of young adults leaving the church, so IGNITION wanted to change the focus to actual solutions and tools to change the trends.

There were various best practices shared.

Deeper is a “church within a church” where young adults are passionately seeking an encounter with GOD. Their sole agenda is “lifting Him up and allowing his Word to change us into the individuals He’s destined us to become.”

GODencounters is a movement of young adult wholeheartly seeking a 24/7 experience of the living GOD, recklessly living for His renown. Their gatherings bring together thousands of young adults, fostering the spiritual disciplines as a way of life.

London Live is an authentic community of young adults seeking GOD’s purposes in their lives and challenging their faith to make a real difference in Central London.

Younger Generation Church is a contemporary worship service designed to provide worship and fellowship for young adults, that encourages communion with Christ and each other.

These were just a sampling of the array of success stories happening across the division and around the world. IGNITION was designed to share these models in hopes they would inspire and ignite duplication, hybrids, and ministry innovations in more local communities.

A huge thank you to the presenters who came at their own expense to share their experiences and what they are learning along the way.

I must share that the Oasis team (pictured above) was, at first, hesitant to present because they don’t see themselves as a model, in that they don’t have everything figured out. However for IGNITION, that is exactly what a best practice is, venturing out on a discipling journey for young adults and living real life together. No experts necessary, just willing souls.

Mad props to all our best practice presenters. And mad props to all of you out there who are deepening the discipleship of young adults in the local context. Your journey is part of the solution.

Would love to hear about what you all are doing! Tell us about who you all are becoming. Feel free to share your story in our comments…


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3 Responses to Mad Props to “Best Practices”

  1. Alan,

    TIJ Ministries is an umbrella ministry which fosters and encourages growth through many other “seed” ministries throughout the US. TIJ Tennessee is a “seed” ministry that encourages youth to learn about God and His great love for each of us. It does so by providing an environment that encourages, sharing, prayer, and witnessing. TIJ Tennessee encourages learning about God in different scenarios including but not limited to; 1. Other youth’s homes, 2. Hiking Trips, 3. Camping Trips, and more. It also uses technology to share the great experiences and testimonies brought forth in each meeting, by taking photographs, and even sometimes video recording the sessions to then share them with other youth around the world through digital streams.

    Currently, plans are in place to begin TIJ – Michigan, and TIJ Illinois.

    Please pray for me so that the Lord can provide the wisdom and mental power to properly manage the growth for His glory.

    Take care and God bless,


  2. Heather says:

    Young Adults ministries is something that is lacking in our area. My husband and I have felt called to change this! Almost two years ago, we started a young adult ministry, but there are times when we feel like we are drowning. The ministry is very time consuming and expensive for us when we consider the fact that we both work full time jobs and my husband is taking classes on top of that. We would love to begin networking with others for ideas and steps that we can take to make this is a ministry that would last beyond our existence.

    Any suggestions for us?

    I am looking forward to checking out the different groups shown above.


  3. Terry Rice says:

    Fresno Fusion Young Adult Ministries (20s & 30s ages) is a lay movement started by young adults from different SDA Fresno area churches to cooperate efforts to reach the unchurched. Instead of merely trying to get young adults to attend church on Sabbath morning, we offer holistic small group fellowships during the week where their felt needs are best met.

    Small groups meet in homes hosted by young adults often with food, friendship, and special prayer for each other. Each have a prayer partner who vows to call each other up for prayer and accountability. Young Adult’s physical, emotional, spiritual needs are met in these small groups.
    From there, young adults are organized to serve the Fresno area churches with once-a-month commitments. For example, we have a worship team organized once-a-month where as friends we help a small rural church with their church services and the church’s opportunity to get their young adults involved. Also, we have public universities and community colleges as our mission field where we are starting an ACF chapter for collegiate fellowship.

    Twice a year we have our Fusion vespers held at our Adventist academy where all young adults from all area SDA churches meet to affirm our unity in the Body of Christ. We put our liberal, conservative, and ethnic labels aside and see each church & individual as a valuable part of the Fresno area Body of Christ. Then we worship together using our God-given gifts.

    Fresno Fusion is totally lay led and is advised by supportive area youth pastors, who work with Fusion. The 8-member volunteer team has a big vision, and is praying for enough financial support for a pastor to lead the team full-time to accomplish its purposes. We are also praying to create awareness enough for churches promote Fusion for their young adults, and we’re praying for unity among the Fresno churches. The result? We’re seeing God work miracles, young adults baptized, and a place where young adults belong.

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