“Go therefore and make ________”

What is a disciple?  If you were to define what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ what would you say?  Further, would you say that you have been discipled?  Jesus tells us to go and make disciples. Has anyone made you a follower of Jesus?

I have been a follower of Jesus just shy of 12 years now. I did not come into faith in him through my parents or an evangelistic series. While I believe that Jesus was/is the initiator, I came to faith after going through some intense events in my life. I was an atheist, but became an agnostic and started calling out to God in prayer. Some time passed and I met a pastor who, after hearing my journey, handed me a Bible. No one invited me to church, I looked up the closest one in the phone book, called and went. Some months later after attending the church and reading the Bible, I felt convicted to get baptized so I called the pastor and told him that I wanted to be baptized. My point with all of this is simply that it is hard for me to say that a disciple-er came along and discipled me to be a follower of Jesus. Granted I had people along the way that gave me encouragement, prayed for me, and clarified my questions, but I wonder what Jesus had in mind when he called us to go and make disciples.

I would like to hear from you. What do you think a disciple-maker looks like? Have you had a disciple-er disciple you? If so, what did that experience look like?


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4 Responses to “Go therefore and make ________”

  1. Javier says:

    Matthew…I would venture to say that though we may read how Webster’s defines what a disciple is, we as Christians have given it our own diverse definitions. Yet being a disciple would be someone who follows the life/doctrine of another and along side this proclaims such a life style/doctrine.
    I guess the question is, are we truly living up to this definition of a disciple. The obvious is that as Christians we apply this definition to Jesus Christ. Though many times it seems like we are more disciples of movie stars, athletes, fashion, or whatever else more than we are of Jesus? I know I have been guilty of this in my life!
    As for the issue if anyone has made me a disciple well…i was blessed in having Christian parents…but as many stories have gone I left the faith and returned praise God through some trying circumstances to say the least. I say this to say that at this time (when I returned to Jesus) I really felt that God put people in my life that influenced my life for the good, I don’t know if they were necessarily ‘discipling’ me but they were impacting my life. To some extent it boils down to our DECISIONS (like yours to start crying out to God and read the bible the pastor gave you) in life! Who will we choose to follow because we all follow someone or something…the good thing is that God always chooses to follow us, for the purpose of persuading us to follow Him…

  2. carolynmacomber says:

    A disciple – A person that is becoming like Jesus as he/she walks with Him in the real world. (A definition by Bruce Wilkinson 🙂 )

    Those who I have put in the category of discipling me – are dear people who have loved me “regardless” and always pointed me to Jesus. I think of two prayer warrior friends from Canada who showed me what unconditional love was like when I had no clue and who then brought me to Jesus. I think of a gentleman that is now a conference president that gave me opportunities to grow in ministry – when women were not in ministry as they are today. I think of a woman in Florida who is like a mom to me – who has written me encouraging notes filled with scripture and who I can count on when life’s hard knocks happen. They are people I wish to emulate who brought me to a deeper understanding of Jesus and His love.

  3. Manny says:

    Jesus asked Simon, “Do you love me?” Simon replies, “Well yes Lord, I do love you!” Jesus then says, “Feed my sheep.” As I think of your experience Matthew and the questions you pose, I can’t help but think of the aforementioned story in the gospel of John. Jesus is saying that we are to look after His sheep, seeing to it that they get fed in the knowledge of Him. I would venture to say that this is one aspect of discipling. Oswald Chambers defines discipleship as “devotion to Jesus Christ…If you would be My disciple, you must be devoted to Me.” If we can be examples of what devotion to Jesus is, whether it be through an encouraging word, notes filled with Scripture, good influences, etc, then I would say we are discipling. It boils down, at least for me, to a question I have to ask myself daily: “Do I know Jesus?” I think of when the disciples when on their first mission endeavor and when they returned they were ecstatic that the devils were subject to them. Jesus tells them not to rejoice in their successful service, but rather, that the great secret of joy is that they be rightly related to Him. And such is the case for us. A passion to disciple, a passion to teach, to be the salt of the earth, a city on a hill, springs from God. Only then can we disciple.

  4. David C says:

    Well Matthew, being a disciple to me is to bring others into a knowledge of the reason that I believe in Jesus Christ. Too often we like to stereotype how this is to be done. And, we end up thinking that the way that I do it, all should do it the same way. This can’t be further from the truth.
    I grew up in this church but I left it in 1985 and it was only through the Grace of God that I returned in 1995. And I returned with a desire to make a difference in how I partnered with God
    Matthew 28:19 says to “Go ye therefore and teach all nations…” I remember growing up with everyone thinking that we had to head to the far shores of Africa or India as student missionaries to teach them about Jesus Christ.
    My dad had a sermon and he would say, “Everyone wants to go 5,000 miles, but who is going 500 feet!
    Who is going to our neighbors if we aren’t? This got me to thinking that there was a way for me to be a witness for Him if I got involved with the “Three Foot Rule.” Anyone who is within three feet of me, I make contact if God opens the door. For you see, I ask God daily to put people in front of me that I should be in contact with. And, he does this for me.
    I am not a teacher. I tried to tell Pastor Bakke this several years ago when he wanted me to take over a Wednesday night prayer meeting for him because he was going to be late. When he did show up, he had to agree with me later that I am not a teacher! What an embarrassing way to find out.
    So, how does a person who is not a teacher, how can this person be used of God to reach others? I am finding out that there are ways to become the hands, the feet, the eyes and the heart of Jesus Christ with others on this earth. God led me to a program that allows this all to happen. It can be found at: http://www.ACTSES.org.
    Sharing my faith is done through working together with other Christians of other faiths, in collaborating to reach people in need and to help provide solutions to needs.
    Some of these other Christians have been to church with us. Some are talking to us about spiritual things. Some are reading books that we’ve given to them. Some are just in a friendship with us, and we are growing this friendship to a point where God will tell us what He wants next.
    Any successful contact with people is because this is what He wants us of us.
    It is never about us anyway. It is always about Him as all praise, honor and glow goes directly to Him for anything that is accomplished.
    Pastor Matthew, keep up the good work in the Emerald City. God is using you as His disciple. Yes, some people are the mouth of Jesus Christ in that they can speak to others. Yes, some are the hands and feet of Jesus Christ as they can provide manual labor for Him (this is where I’m at) , But we all need to be the Heart of Jesus Christ when we are in the Army of EVERY One, that people will know who we are by our actions.
    May God richly bless you Matthew. You are in our prayers…

    I used to go to an Adventist School on the north side of QA Hill there.

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