Day 6: Who Am I?

F=Fast from defending yourself by making excuses to others for your behavior

E=(Encourage) Tell someone something you like about their character

A=Admit to blaming others or making excuses for your problems or behavior

S=(Scripture) James 1:19-20; 2 Corinthians 12: 5-6

T=Thank God that He is your foundation and defender

My dear friends, you should be quick to listen and slow to speak or to get angry. If you are angry, you cannot do any of the good things that God wants done. (James 1:19-20; CEV)

I will be proud about this man, but I will not be proud about myself except to say things which show how weak I am. Even if I talk about myself, I would not be a fool because it is the truth. But I will say no more because I want no one to think better of me than he does when he sees or hears me. (2 Corinthians 12: 5-6; New Life Version)

When you get it . . . I mean really get it . . . that you are a child of the King of the Universe . . . you won’t need to defend yourself or try to “look better than you are”.

About A Allan Martin, PhD

Jeremiah 24/7
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15 Responses to Day 6: Who Am I?

  1. aamphd says:

    The metaphor of “life as journey” has been pervasive in this blog. And there are many travel companions who continue to inspire me. The character they have displayed has been Christ-like and infectious. This is certainly not a comprehensive list, but in line with today’s FEAST challenge, I wanted to offer an affirmation for a collection of people whom I admire because of their character:

    Randy & Heather Magray’s dedication and creativity.

    Lisa Hope’s infectious determination and leadership.

    Manny Cruz’s sincerity and collaborative vision.

    Elisa Brown’s loyalty and surrender to service.

    Matthew Gamble’s passion and honesty.

    Tuesda Robert’s commitment and willingness.

    Tara VinCross’ resiliency and valor.

    Elia King’s serving heart and gentle enthusiasm.

    Marlissa Ledesma’s giving spirit and sacrifice.

    Branden Stoltz’s openness and eager involvement.

    Carolyn Macomber’s empathy and sincere devotion.

    Alex Espana’s gregarious influence and competency.

    Today, I want to commend you and thank GOD for the aspects of His character you exhibit.

  2. Adding to the list…

    Allan Martin’s in-depth scope and unrelenting willingness to go the extra mile.

  3. Jesus, waking up to this devotional thought this AM has given me peace. Having ended the day yesterday reflecting on the Lord’s prayer, this morning I am once again reminded that it is my heart’s desire that YOUR KINGDOM COME and YOUR WILL BE DONE in my life and in the lives of others. So this day, I once again come into your presence turning my eyes off of my humanity and onto your divinity.

    Who am I? I am a son of the MOST HIGH GOD. I am shrouded in HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS, LOVE, COMPASSION, POWER and GRACE. As a result the question now becomes, Who is HE? Jesus, it is there that I want to be. amen

  4. Bid says:

    I have been reading in the background for a while now. I just want to second Matt.

    Allan – Your sense of leadership, thank you for giving nothing less than youself!

    Fully refined!

  5. Colleen says:

    I read this a day late. I got angry with someone. Said things that really didn’t apply to this person and even if they did they were said in anger so basically that negates them. I need to go today and say somethings. Admit what I did was wrong. And I will affirm this person’s character. Maybe after all I didn’t read this too late. I wonder how well I would have listened to it if I had read it yesterday…

  6. aamphd says:

    Thanks Bid and Matthew for your kind affirmation.

    My appreciation list continues:

    Deirdre Rivera-Martin for her sincere devotion to Christ, her passion to minister, and her quirky comedy.

    Alexandria Tristen Martin for her influence for the Kingdom.

    Dr. Art Martin for his steady loyalty to GOD and family.

    Aurora Martin for her sacrificial love.

    Alex Martin for his industry and easy going demeanor.

    Sherry Nolfe for her gregarious social spirit.

    Johnny Nolfe for his dedication and faithfulness.

    Bob Martin for his generosity and artistic soul.

    Rhonda Martin for her kindness and optimism.

    Bailey Nolfe for his wide eyed wonder.

    Garrison Martin for his loving spirit.

    Nicholas Nolfe for his playful excitement.

    I am blessed by a family that makes the journey an adventure!

  7. aamphd says:

    I trust GOD is working out which days He needs to tell you what. Hope healing has come and the journey continues.

  8. suzydmd says:

    As I begin this day in prayer these verses remind me of how many times in my life I have allowed anger to interfere with His will. Anger can poison any relationship–especially when indulged over time. Lord, please help me take inventory of the seeds of anger or resentment that are growing in my heart so that you can “do your good work.
    Also, Lord, I pray to find the courage and honesty to no longer make excuses for my faults or failures–and to build up my companions on this life-journey; as there ar few things sweeter on the ears than an encouraging word fro a friend/spouse/parent/daughter/boss.

  9. aamphd says:

    Quell the anger and defensiveness in my spirit. Shape in me an honesty to be who I am and allow the conspicuous brokeness to give testimony to your grace and forgiveness. Too much of my energies have been spent on “damage control” and “political spin.” I am sorry for the times I’ve allowed my frustrations to dictate my life, fuel in me a passion to live for You and not for the reputation of myself. I’m sorry, help me in repentance to take a another road, traveling with You. Amen.

  10. suzy wilbur says:

    I am overwhelmed at the reality, who am i??! and yet, HE heard my prayer this morning! HE knows my brokenness, my faults. . . may this grace inspire the view of others. . .may i not see them for their humanity, but HIS glory. I will pray to spend no more energy trying to blame/fault another for the outcomes or choices of my life. i’d also like to express my gratitude for a hubby with a beautiful spirit of tenacity and unconditional love, and pastor Jason Collum for his relentless persuit of Christ and his will in our lives!

  11. Marivic D. McFall says:

    I praise the Lord for the journey of my life. It is full of colors… I would like to acknowlege the following persons who has been a part of my life:

    Ray McFall for the love & support.
    Pastor Allan for having a big heart to go the extra mile.
    Papa & Mama for molding me to stand in faith wherever I am.
    Sisters Merly, Jean, Ne, Ann & Elder Bro Dan for full support when I needed you.
    All nephew & nieces for the respect & love.
    Sir Daryl & Maam Sha Famisaran for being my spiritual advisers.
    the SULADS for the missionary Godencounters experiences.
    the 1000MM for the spiritual experiences in South Korea.
    Marivic Berdon the friend indeed!
    Marivic Lajo the good company.
    Cretie Labadan Gardner for the listening ears.
    Stella Ruth Faye Naiz Earussi for great ideas & intelligent friend.
    Mom & Dad Budayao for the influence of welcoming the sabbath.
    Dr. Armand Fabella for being a generous sponsor and a spritual father.
    Jouber Falcunitin, Job Flaga, Jane Manlapao Shepherd – being so thoughtful and a good influence.
    Joy Villegas Gidacan, Emely Saballa Olino, & Baleriana Molana Alivio for being my sisters and a good missionary partners.
    Gilton Almocera, Dave Soreno, Edward Paglumotan, Renato Villareal for being my good SULADS – brothers.
    Evelyn Salvan, Isabelita Rocamora, Noe Cris Lopez for having a family bonding in Thailand.

    I am blessed of having you a part of my life journey.

  12. I have known Jose V. Rojas for over a decade and am amazed at his character of courage and loyalty. May GOD continue to bless your ministry and afford us a hero of faith the consistently points to Christ as the way the truth and the life.

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