Ignition, so what?

Since Ignition…I’ve been silent. The question “So, what?” is hung on my mind. I guess I’ve been waiting on God to show me what new thing I need to start after being empowered at such a resourceful summit. What do I do with this? What’s the next step?

I finally began to look around at what’s already here. Yes, I have dreams of an Adventist presence here at my commuter public school. Yes, I have dreams of a vibrant Young Adult mission-based church inside the city loop. But what about the here and now?

And then there’s my campus community. I’m attending law school and the thought of sorting through the thousands of undergrads and graduate students here on campus to weed out the maybe 100 Adventists/Adventist-lites studying here within feet of me seems way past overwhelming. Yes, I’ve met a handful of SDAs at church events who claim the cougar spirit but I’ve never seen a hint of them on campus. Sometimes, I’d just rather stick to my books & carrel.

Of course, that’s not how I was feeling Saturday night in Dallas a few weeks back. And when it comes to YA ministry at church and at school, when I really think about it there are initiatives already in place that simply need to kick it up a notch. Like church, for instance – within the past year we’ve created a YA Sabbath School class and it’s awesome to see new people consistently showing up and getting involved. I believe God is using this YA space to attract skilled young adults of all walks to our already diverse atmosphere. Once they’ve hooked up with the SS crew, we get them involved helping with AY and then maybe the choir. The question is what can we do more?

As far as school is concerned, I’m already involved in the Christian Legal Society. Perhaps this will be a launch pad for some future campus ministry with an Adventist flare. As a matter of fact, at the end of this month our chapter will be “Feeding the 500” right outside in the law center breezeway. We’ll spend a few hours over lunch serving the student body as a simple act of service. It’s an effective means to a Godly end. Just Tuesday, CLS heard from 5th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Jennifer Elrod who encouraged us with a speech entitled “This Little Light of Mine” based on Matthew 5:14-16. I think that’s what it boils down to. Ignition may have lit, sparked, or refueled the passionate flames within us. It’s now just a matter of keeping that desire burning.

God has major plans for young adults like me here at home in the midst of anti-SDA reality and far from the commodious halls of the Adam’s Mark. I’m not quite ready to launch a new do-it-yourself-from-scratch initiative, and I’ve come to accept that there’s nothing wrong with that. I believe God has responded to my earnest waiting with one word “persevere”. Persevere in your studies, persevere in your church ministries, and persevere in your spiritual walk. I’ll ditto that, “Persevere IGNITIONites.”


About Janice A. Becca

Janice recently graduated from the University of Houston Law Center, and is preparing to take the Texas Bar Exam. In 2005 she completed her B.A. in Communication Studies and minor in Psychology. She's a member of the Houston International SDA Church.
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One Response to Ignition, so what?

  1. aamphd says:


    I am so glad and impressed that you decided to wait upon the Lord. There is something about the silence that attunes us to His response when it arrives. IGNITION would ill serve us if it was about starting a jillion new initiatives, getting busy about the Lord’s business. IGNITION hopefully has lit in each of us the passion for GOD that has us being obedient to His prompting.

    For some IGNITIONites that means He says leap out in faith, so some of us will get out of the boat. For others, He bids us “be still,” so others will know GOD in the tranquility. And then there are those to whom He says change your way, so those will cast their net on the other side of the boat. As I have read your moving post, I am reminded of a word too: Obedience.*

    Thank you for your witness to being obedient while the ignited fire continues to burn in your heart, you have listened to His voice and I sense the plans He has for you will set ablaze your community, campus, and church for His glory.

    *A great book I would recommend is “A Long Obedience in the Same Direction,” by Eugene Peterson.

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