Day 16: Who is my neighbor? / Worthy is the Lamb.

F=(Fast) Refrain from eating rich foods (eat more simply than normal)

E=(Encourage) Do something extra special for a neighbor or friend. You could bake cookies and give them away. Be creative. In this time, in our “world”, do we really know our neighbors? Who are my neighbors?

A=Admit you have believed (at times) that you could sin and not have it affect your heart and character

S=(Scripture) Luke 10: 29, 36-37; Hebrews 3:12-15; 1 John 1:6-9

T=Trust in God’s strength to keep you from sin

Looking for a loophole, he asked, “And just how would you define ‘neighbor’?”. . . “What do you think? Which of the three became a neighbor to the man attacked by robbers?” “The one who treated him kindly,” the religion scholar responded. Jesus said, “Go and do the same.” (Luke 10: 29, 36-37; Message Bible)

My friends, watch out! Don’t let evil thoughts or doubts make any of you turn from the living God. You must encourage one another each day. And you must keep on while there is still a time that can be called “today.” If you don’t, then sin may fool some of you and make you stubborn. We were sure about Christ when we first became his people. So let’s hold tightly to our faith until the end. The Scriptures say, “If you hear his voice today, don’t be stubborn like those who rebelled. (Hebrews 3:12-15; Contemporary English Version)

If we say that we share in life with God and keep on living in the dark, we are lying and are not living by the truth. But if we live in the light, as God does, we share in life with each other. And the blood of his Son Jesus washes all our sins away. If we say that we have not sinned, we are fooling ourselves, and the truth isn’t in our hearts. But if we confess our sins to God, he can always be trusted to forgive us and take our sins away. (1 John 1:6-9; Contemporary English Version)

Let us begin to contemplate the gift of grace that cost so much. The following video is a unique blend of art (sand art) and music – Worthy is the Lamb:

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8 Responses to Day 16: Who is my neighbor? / Worthy is the Lamb.

  1. allan says:

    Dear GOD,

    Please remove the scar tissue of sin from my heart. Yes guilt and shame have had their effect, but it is clear to me the longer lasting marks of sin. I ask for your healing grace to cover me, may the balm of your love restore my heart to the health you intended.

    I pray also for my relationships. Needless to say, my selfishness in sin impacts these relationships, not only with loved ones but also with strangers. May you re-sensitize me to your view of the world. Take away the callousness that builds up with sin and evil doing. Return me to your heart oh GOD.

    Let today and the days to come commemorate not only your death for my sins, but also your ressurrection for my life. Let me die to sin and live for glory. May your glory resound in my life. Amen.

  2. Carolyn Macomber says:

    Smile. Even bigger smile. I just got back from delivering cookies to my neighbor. The thing is – this is the neighbor I try to avoid :). I thought about giving cookies to the neighbor who I always exchange things with and they with me – it is comfortable. This time I choose the neighbor who never stops talking and every other sentence has a cuss word in it. Yes, this is the one I try to avoid. She was speechless tonight. She came to the door in her flannel p.j.’s (no robe) (it was only 8:00pm) and all she could say was “Thank you. . . thank you. . . um, . . . . thank you”.

    Oh, God, forgive me for shunning your children or connecting only with those that are easily loveable. Please help me to remember that my neighbor is “ALL” your children – the loveable and the unloveable. Forgive me and let me remember the lesson of tonight.

  3. carolynmacomber says:

    Rationalization – wonderful tool – it allows me to think that I can sin and not have it affect my heart.

    Lately, I’ve shortened my devotional time – because I rationalized – I’m spending time listening to praise music on youtube or godtube to fit the FEAST. Or I’m spending time posting the FEAST – so I’m doing something good – RIGHT?! Rationalization

    —-I hear Him knocking – He wants more time – not less. Even though I’m doing His work – He wants me, not so much what I do. Forgive me, Lord. Help me to watch how I rationalize away what You are whispering to me in my heart. Forgive me for all the times I’ve thought it wouldn’t affect my heart or my relationship with You.

  4. Bid says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience.

  5. suzydmd says:

    Talk about not putting Him first!! Spent the day at Sea World with the kids “unarmed”. Didn’t even read today’s FEAST until we were all tucked in at home!! So I will combine today with tomorrow! Not that it will make up for the blessings lost today!!
    Isn’t that just it? I’m the one that loses when I miss starting my day with Him.

  6. aamphd says:

    Have been thoroughly enjoying visiting with neighbors and friends all weekend long. I have forgotten as a result of neglect how precious these relationships are. Thanks GOD for reminding me that I must go beyond asking the question, “Who is my neighbor?” And actually go out there and meet with them.

  7. Lord, help me to live in the light of Your love. Give me the courage to stand for what is right and honor You in the way that I care for my neighbor. May You foster Your character in me. Amen.

  8. Marivic D. McFall says:

    Help me O Lord to hear your voice every minute of my life and not to be stubborn. My prayer everyday O Lord is to make me a good example to my husband and he can see Jesus through me. Help us to do good to our neighbors and worthy to be your servant.Amen!

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