Day 23: He is alive and I’m forgiven!

Halleluiah! He is risen!! He is alive and I’m forgiven – heaven’s gates are open wide! He is alive!

This coming week during the FEAST we will be focusing on forgiveness. It will be an important week of heart felt work and freedom.

F=Fast from holding a grudge or unforgiveness. If thoughts crop up in your mind about someone who has wronged you – make a conscious choice to forgive them and turn them over to God.

E=Encourage someone you have difficulty with

A=Admit to God your anger or unforgiveness towards someone who has wronged you.

S=(Scripture) Ephesians 4:31-32; Genesis 50:15-21

T=Thank God for His forgiveness.

Put out of your life all these things: bad feelings about other people, anger, temper, loud talk, bad talk which hurts other people, and bad feelings which hurt other people. You must be kind to each other. Think of the other person. Forgive other people just as God forgave you because of Christ’s death on the cross. (Ephesians 4:31-32; New Life Version)

After burying his father, Joseph went back to Egypt. All his brothers who had come with him to bury his father returned with him. After the funeral, Joseph’s brothers talked among themselves: “What if Joseph is carrying a grudge and decides to pay us back for all the wrong we did him?” So they sent Joseph a message, “Before his death, your father gave this command: Tell Joseph, ‘Forgive your brothers’ sin—all that wrongdoing. They did treat you very badly.’ Will you do it? Will you forgive the sins of the servants of your father’s God?” When Joseph received their message, he wept. Then the brothers went in person to him, threw themselves on the ground before him and said, “We’ll be your slaves.” Joseph replied, “Don’t be afraid. Do I act for God? Don’t you see, you planned evil against me but God used those same plans for my good, as you see all around you right now—life for many people. Easy now, you have nothing to fear; I’ll take care of you and your children.” He reassured them, speaking with them heart-to-heart. (Genesis 50:15-21; Message Bible)

A powerful music video entitled: He’s alive

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7 Responses to Day 23: He is alive and I’m forgiven!

  1. Tara VinCross says:

    Yesterday the reality of what God did through Jesus became so real to me and my heart was filled with joy! Jesus is alive!

    What made this reality so poignant for me this year was seeing that Jesus arose from the grave on the day of the Festival of the First Fruits. This festival took place following the Passover. We know Jesus was sacrificed on Friday, the day the passover lamb was sacrificed, fulfilling his role as the true Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. On the Sunday following (two days later) the people would celebrate Festival of the First Fruits in which the priest would acknowledge the first ripe barley God had given, anticipating the harvest that was to come.

    Jesus was the first ripe harvest of the resurrection, a glimpse into the future where we look forward to the time when Jesus will “make our bodies to be like his glorious body” and “the dead in Christ will rise first.” As the Message Bible says, “Since Jesus died and broke loose from the grave, God will most certainly bring back to life those who died in Jesus.” (I Thess. 4). Even the day that Jesus died and rose again to life was rich with symbolism, and it is this symbolism, meaning and promise that gives me hope.

    I have tasted death this year, and yesterday, on resurrection day, my soul tasted of the hope that Jesus’ resurrection brings! I will see my dad again and it is Jesus’ resurrection, as the first fruits of the promised future resurrection that remind me of what is to come. Jesus, the first fruits of the resurrection – the new life to come – the complete restoration that God promises us!

    As I celebrate the empty tomb of Jesus Christ, I celebrate the empty tombs of tomorrow. I celebrate the reunion that will take place. I celebrate the time will embrace my dad again. I celebrate the time when I will watch my friends and family see their mom, sister, brother, grandma, best friend, child, and husband again.

    ‘…on the first day of the week Mary Magdalene came to the tomb early…’ (John 20:1)

    “Don’t be alarmed,” he (the angel) said. “You are looking for Jesus the Nazarene, who was crucified. He has risen!” (Mark 16:6)

    “Therefore encourage one another with these words.” (I Thess. 4:13-18)

    He is risen! I’m so glad! Thank you Jesus!

  2. aamphd says:

    In the conversations I have had with family and friends during these days of the Passion, I’ve been moved by the thought that we are anticipating the 3rd Advent. Maybe we as Adventist can give rightful honor for Jesus’ 2nd coming as He emerged triumphantly from the tomb. I wasn’t able to attend the 1st or 2nd advent, so I am anxious and delighted for a VIP all access for the 3rd coming. What a great “gettin’ up mornin'” that will be!

  3. aamphd says:

    Don Francisco’s song “He’s Alive,” made a lasting impression on me as a young person. It was one of those times where I resonated with the vibrant word pictures of a song that drew me into a closer relationship with Jesus. Even today, I am mesmerized by the GOD mystery. How could He love and forgive a wretch like me?

  4. suzy wilbur says:

    Well, as much as i fought it today, i have found forgiveness for my brother. i realize he doesn’t need to apologize for me to forgive him. so ironic that the text was about joseph and his brothers. when i read that very story earlier this year in my read thru the bible, God spoke to me, but i didn’t want to listen–YET!! but i realize today, forgiveness is as much for me as it is for the one i perceive “wronged” me.
    God, give me the grace to live in the place of forgiveness. not just for my brother who may or may not ask for it, but for all those who in their own humanity may “wrong” me. in this way i can live the grace you have given me and my family has freely given me when i have been the “wrongdoer”

  5. No more “rent free” space in my brain. Time to let grudges go.

  6. Marivic D. McFall says:

    I am moved deeply on how Joseph forgave his brothers. Even if I read this story many times, I am blessed. Please help me Lord to be like Joseph who do not put grudges in his heart.

  7. suzydmd says:

    As I take inventory of my heart, I find there are still a few “grudges” lurking inside. I am happy to say my relationship with my brother is on the mend. I do find that I say I forgive someone but not as God does casting their memory “as far as the east from the west”. I find that I “remember” their grievances when it suits my state of mind. Thank you God for this reminder I still have a lot to have you purify in my heart. Thank you for your complete forgiveness.

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