He’s Gone?!



I wish they would have buried me with Him. My heart is past breaking – it is gone. It is so hard to grasp that the One who’s feet I washed with my hair is also the One who I will be washing with embalming fluid. How can this be? It just can’t be. Maybe I’m dreaming. But I know He is gone. I, Salome, and Mary all saw Him on that Roman torture machine. My eyes did not want to leave His face. Then I saw His eyes close and He yelled out, “It is finished”. I feel finished. I’m not sure if I can go on. He was the only man that truly loved me – that saw me. I don’t understand how He could cast out my mental anguish, my demons, so many times, and yet He didn’t cast away the Roman soldiers. What am I to do? How can I go on? . . .




My last opportunity to see my Love, to touch His face, and He’s gone. They must have taken Him somewhere. AUGHHHHHH!. . . . .

Peter and the others will never believe me – but I must try to convince them. He is ALIVE! My redeemer lives. I saw Him. The One that knows me inside and out – and loves ME – is still alive!! I don’t understand it, but I’ll certainly take it. I clung to His feet not wanting Him to ever leave my presence, but He said He had to go to His Father. He’ll be back, He’ll return. He’ll come back for ME. I, who washed His feet have been washed by His blood. I have been soaked and scrubbed in His laundry and the stain of my sin is finally, totally, completely gone (Ps. 51: Message Bible). He’s coming back. HE’S COMING BACK!

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2 Responses to He’s Gone?!

  1. aamphd says:

    May the risen Savior accept not only Mary’s love, but mine as well.

    Do you ever feel like you are at a disadvantage in fostering a passion for Jesus because You were not there in His presence, in person? How do you deal with the sometimes “distant feeling” that comes with being a 21st century disciple instead of a 1st century follower?

    Do you struggle too? Or is it just me?

  2. randy says:

    thank you aamphd for your post. i do feel like those of us living in the here and now are at a distinct disadvantage to those 1st century followers who knew Jesus, KNEW JESUS! i mean how could you be in the presence of the Almighty and not be in love? how could spend time with him as the disciples did and be a thomas? if you were present for the sermon on the mount how could your life not be altered forever? if you were there the day the nailed Him to the cross and saw what the thief did, that this was NO ordinary Man!, how does that not set your soul on fire!

    it’s not just you. you now have at least one confirmed struggler with you on this one:) i take comfort in knowing that He is still with us today in a very real way if we only but seek Him, but i always wonder what would it have been like if only i could have…

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