Day 32: Who is Your Defender?

F=(Fast) Choose not to deny or refuse to face the difficult/bad things that have happened to you. Face the difficult things with God at your side.

E=(Encourage) Do something to “fill your cup” today

A=Admit to defending yourself wrongly by escaping, withdrawing or blaming others

S=(Scripture) Is. 51:21-23; Psalms 119:153-154; Psalms 72:4; Col. 1:13-14; Eph. 2:8-9

T=Thank God for being your Defender

So listen to me, poor Jerusalem,
you who are drunk but not from wine.
Your God will defend his people.
This is what the Lord your God says:
“The punishment I gave you is like a cup of wine.
You drank it and could not walk straight.
But I am taking that cup of my anger away from you,
and you will never be punished by my anger again.
I will now give that cup of punishment to those who gave you pain,
who told you,
‘Bow down so we can walk over you.’
They made your back like dirt for them to walk on;
you were like a street for them to travel on.” (Is. 51:21-23; New Century Version)

I have not forgotten your Law! Look at the trouble I am in, and rescue me. Be my defender and protector! Keep your promise and save my life. (Psalms 119:153-154; Contemporary English Version)

He will defend the afflicted among the people
and save the children of the needy;
he will crush the oppressor. (Psalms 72:4; New International Version)

For he has rescued us from the kingdom of darkness and transferred us into the Kingdom of his dear Son, who purchased our freedom and forgave our sins. (Col. 1:13-14; New Living Translation)

Love Crucified Arose by Michael Card –

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9 Responses to Day 32: Who is Your Defender?

  1. carolynmacomber says:

    I guess for me I always wrestle with “what is my part” and “what is God’s part”. When it comes to salvation I know it is all Him. But what about other aspects of my life – how much does God do the work of “defending” and how much am I supposed to be engaged in?

    Just a thought. . .

  2. aamphd says:

    Dear GOD,
    Strengthen me with your courage. If left to my own resources I shrink from the challenge. I’m my own best accuser of failures and faults. There are days I need defending from myself.

    Along with the courage, encourage me with Your view of what You intend for me to become. Speak the name You have for me. Drown out the names I know so well. Names that speak of my old self, the one You buried in the watery grave. Names that know my old deeds, the ones You nailed to the cross.

    Lord, be my Defender today, and always. Amen.

  3. suzydmd says:

    Lord, tears fill my eyes as I read and meditate on this beautiful FEAST. I sometimes replay my failures like a broken record in my mind. I’d like to replace those tapes with these encouraging texts! My great Defender–even if it is from myself. Like a girl being hugged by her daddy, “it’s ok, I AM here”. I will choose to fill my cup today with the grace of your protection (and a massage) 🙂

  4. A.D. Riojas says:


    Clear my thoughts and my emotions as I know that you will avenge me. Father I know that you are the one that can heal my pain. Please give me the strength to be courageous for my family and I.

  5. aamphd says:

    Today Lord GOD, defend your people! Rise up and make yourself known to the nay-sayers, non-believers, never-minders. Alert Your enemies that You are not going to allow injustice to reign. God is on our side, and we have nothing to fear. You are a mighty GOD!

    Praise to You, our defender and Lord!

  6. profpollard says:

    Rescue me, Abba, from myself. Transfer me to Your Kingdom, Jesus. I praise You for crushing oppression. You are my Hero, my Defender, my Father, my Friend.

  7. Marivic D. McFall says:

    I have not forgotten your Law! Look at the trouble I am in, and rescue me. Be my defender and protector! Keep your promise and save my life. (Psalms 119:153-154; Contemporary English Version)

    This is one of my favorite texts. Thank you God for the rescue when my soul was in trouble. You came to my rescue… You did! You are my great defender and nobody else. Amen!

  8. It is in these days when the siege of the satan feels stifling that we need to know our strong and mighty Defender is with us. You know our plight, You know the pain that plagues us. Come to our rescue glorious GOD. Stand tall and have the nations see Your righteousness. You are our GOD strong and mighty.

  9. suzydmd says:

    thank you for yet another pertinent fast! fast from not facing difficult things that have happened! Face them with God at my side! how else?! and i admit to escaping/withdrawing instead of facing them–this is a fine line to straddle while still trying to live in the forgiveness of myself. i will, with His grace face these things, and still be able to be released from the past. thank you, Great Defender, for these powerful texts! i will claim these promises when i feel like escaping or blaming others! To God be the glory!

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