Day 38: Are You One of His? Can Others Tell?

1.) Ask God to reveal any sins that need to be confessed and confess them out loud in prayer.

2.) Praise God for a specific blessing – feel free to sing Him a song. He is your audience.

3.) [Scripture: Matthew 26: 57-58; 67-75 – Message Bible]

The gang that had seized Jesus led him before Caiaphas the Chief Priest, where the religion scholars and leaders had assembled. Peter followed at a safe distance until they got to the Chief Priest’s courtyard. Then he slipped in and mingled with the servants, watching to see how things would turn out.

. . . Then they were spitting in his face and banging him around. They jeered as they slapped him: “Prophesy, Messiah: Who hit you that time?”

All this time, Peter was sitting out in the courtyard. One servant girl came up to him and said, “You were with Jesus the Galilean.” In front of everybody there, he denied it. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” As he moved over toward the gate, someone else said to the people there, “This man was with Jesus the Nazarene.” Again he denied it, salting his denial with an oath: “I swear, I never laid eyes on the man.” Shortly after that, some bystanders approached Peter. “You’ve got to be one of them. Your accent gives you away.” Then he got really nervous and swore. “I don’t know the man!” Just then a rooster crowed. Peter remembered what Jesus had said: “Before the rooster crows, you will deny me three times.” He went out and cried and cried and cried.

4.) What might this passage tell you about your relationship with God? What question might God ask you {NOT what question might you ask God} after reading this passage of scripture?

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11 Responses to Day 38: Are You One of His? Can Others Tell?

  1. carolynmacomber says:

    I’ve thought a bit about this post and I’m not sure if I can articulate well – what has been rummaging around in my mind.

    I have to be honest . . . I’m not always keen on being identified as a Christian. Christians seem to have a stereo type in my culture of negativity – meaning. . . people (the culture) tends to see Christians as judgmental. I don’t want to be attached to that stereo type. So, I tend to be somewhat quiet about my faith. Choosing more to get to know people and then dropping the ball that I’m a Christian.

    Then. . . I wonder how many times have I dropped the ball when Jesus has wanted me to share more of who He is . . . Have I in some sense been like Peter and denied that I don’t know the Man?

    For that matter – I know that my actions and motivations on a regular basis deny Him. . . and for that I fall on my knees and pray,

    Oh, God, forgive me for the times I’ve been afraid to be identified with You or when my actions have denied who You are. Forgive me, forgive me, forgive me . . .

    • Julissa Rocha says:

      Hi Carolyn God searches all minds and hearts and he knows your sincerity and his plans are to save you and not condemn you this is why he has died for us and has shed his blood on the cross so that when we do sin and even so act as Judas did, but come to a recognition of our sin confess it and plea forgiveness which you clearly have he forgives because God is faithful to his promises. May God Bless you Carolyn and your family i will keep you in my prayers. xoxoxoxo

  2. allan says:

    Thanks for your candor Carolyn. For me, far more stark is the lack of congruence there can be between my behaviors and that of a Christ-follower. I am grateful for the good in me that has been “installed” by Jesus. Bless Him for His generosity.

  3. Javier says:

    When i read this passage…i wonder if i really would have done any different than Peter?? I fully understand Carolyn…yet i have realized that there have been times in which i have had to be the defense of Christianity to others.

    For example i know people that may not want to be a Christian because than they CAN’T do this or CAN”T do that…in other words people are only seeing of my Christianity what they want to see in order to say, “see that’s why i don’t want to be a Christian.”

    So to some extent i’m twisting a little bit this text…sometimes we have to deny Jesus! Careful though…what i mean is we need to deny the bad concepts that people have thought is about Jesus! Like only seeing the CAN’T do this stuff….

    I think that it’s time that we make no apologies how we live…yet we must be balanced and always be ready to give an answer for what we do and what we say and how we say it…

    because the rooster is about to crow…yet this time Jesus won’t be ready to hang on a cross…He’ll be coming down in all His glory!!

    Until then…let us deny unto others what Jesus is NOT and live out what Jesus IS!!!

  4. Linda says:

    Caroline’s response to “Are you one of His? Can others tell?” sounded familiar. God has taught me many things and pointed me towards Scripture. One of them is Romans 1:16, “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth.” That is powerful! By God’s grace I will grow in faith and knowledge of Him, that I may stand. I like what others said about the disciples in Acts 4:13, “that they had been with Jesus.” Others saw that they had been with Jesus! We do not always have to speak about Jesus, we can show Jesus. As we do this, others will tell and will be drawn to the Source of Joy and Life. A female author once wrote that a life lived for Jesus is more powerful than any sermon.

    We do not have to do great things, like preaching a sermon in front of thousands, we do not have to go to prison and tell about Jesus, but we can be faithful and do little things in our world, within our sphere of influence.

    As we perhaps all are struggling with this, may we become truly shining lights, that God might be glorified trough us.


  5. aamphd says:

    Maybe the world has caught onto how “Christians” have been behaving so un-Christ like? Kinnaman and Lyons’ book, unChristian, explores the perceptions new generations have of the church. It is eye-opening and a valid challenge for the body of Christ to be, “Jesus with skin.”

  6. suzydmd says:

    i so appreciated carolyn’s reflection on this passage, i was thinking the same thing . . . would i have had more courage? would i have denied my teacher, master, friend? i’ve thought alot about this today, and have decided it’s probably not best to live without being absolutely clear that i am a Christian! if i can’t be clear before pushed for an answer, how would i ever expect to react any differently than Peter?!!!

  7. aamphd says:

    I am sorry for the Peter in me, that resembles that pre-calvary moment. I pray for the Peter in me, the needs a lesson or two in humility. I hope for the Peter in me that want to be rock solid in my devotion to Jesus. I’m thankful for the Peter in me which is loved by a betrayed Savior, who returned to restore me.

  8. GOD, I confess to You my own desires for self-preservation. When things get dicey, I throw You under the bus. Please forgive me. I commit to you to love and tend your lambs. Amen.

  9. Marivic D. McFall says:

    volunteering in a mission school taught me a lot and it changed me a lot…God totally transformed a dirty, sinner like me. I still kept on recalling those miracles…total submission to God’s will. My daily prayers is that even if I cannot preach an eloquent sermon, but I want you Oh Lord to use me the way I live…Everytime I read about the sufferings of Jesus and his own disciples denied him…that made me cry. But I am thankful that Jesus still have an open arms to accept us if we will just come to him and confess. Thank you Lord for your great love. thank you. Amen!

  10. suzydmd says:

    Am I one of His, and can others tell? That is really the question, isn’t it?! Again I say, if I can’t stand for Him before being pushed, how could I ever expect to make a stand when the stakes are high? May my time spent with You strengthen me for those “decision points”. Forgive me for denying you. Thank you for always showing up in my life–even when u don’t notice.

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