IGNITION: Fueled by Worship

IGNITION suggests something is starting, initiating, lighting.  So what is the driving energy, the gas, the fuel?

In this case, in this context, IGNITION is fueled by worship.

Dedicating these post-IGNITION days to reflection and worship has been an intentional effort to shape our lives into Jesus’ life.  Hearing the reflections from IGNITION, I hope you embraced inspiration from the worship we shared together.  Utilizing the FEAST devotionals, I hope that your worship of GOD has deepened.  I pray your sense of awe for Who GOD is has expanded.  I sense your awareness of His love for you has been sharpened.

Our worship of GOD is a welcomed offering in which He delights.

As we indulge in the few remaining days of FEAST, I hope you will relish this time of worship.  I hope you will encourage others to start at Day 1 and begin the fruitful cycle of giving GOD a season of full attention.

In just a few days we will turn our attention to another layer of intentionality for IGNITION…

But I will save that introduction for another blog. <G>

About A Allan Martin, PhD

Jeremiah 24/7
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