Call to Prayer


I want to reach out to you – my friends who I know are prayer warriors right now. As I’ve mentioned before I am coordinating a House of Prayer at Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital starting this Monday, the 28th. As we get closer to the event I am feeling the pressure and last night thought of Carolyn when I woke up at 1am not able to sleep. The night before I woke up at 3:30 from a horrible nightmare. So I just ask that you pray for me as this incredible ministry begins. I have never done this by myself before (always with others who are more talented & experienced than me) and although I have a great team of helpers no one has experienced it first hand.

The other part of the pressure (but is a HUGE PRAISE GOD!!) is that on Monday morning a reporter from the Chicago Tribune is going to be here doing a live story on the House of Prayer to run on Tuesday in the Metro section (hopefully front page). We are super excited, but I also feel that this is some additional pressure to be sure that it is done well.

Thank you for your support – I wish you all could be here to help! Please just pray that the room and stations come together and that the people are blessed who come through the doors. Many people from the community have volunteered to pray and with God’s help we will be successfuly in a full week of 24/7 prayer.

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10 Responses to Call to Prayer

  1. carolynmacomber says:

    Father God, Abba,
    You have promised to never leave or abandon us. And right now I claim Your promise that You have a peace not as the world gives, but a peace that comes direct from You. Please pour out that peace upon Elisa and her team.

    I also ask that You would station angels of strength and protection around Elisa’s home and the soon to be opened House of Prayer. May both the House of Prayer and Elisa’s home be an embassy of Your kingdom of Peace and Power. May it be holy ground.

    Also, Lord we know that the media can be unflattering and at times deceitful – I pray that you would guard the article that would come out in the Chicago Tribune concerning this House of Prayer.

    And lastly Lord, I ask that You would give Elisa a restful sleep – You have promised to guard Your children as they sleep. Thank You for doing that for Elisa.

    Thank You Lord for hearing and answering our cry.


  2. aamphd says:

    Dear GOD,
    Strengthen Elisa. Give her the peace You intend. Afford her the protection You promised. Be honored in her life and show Your power through this simple vessel.

  3. Carolyn Macomber says:

    A side note to “A Call to Prayer” – – – . Last night the Search Party met (For those that don’t know – it is a group of young adults, no longer attending church, and searching for God and faith). . . we discussed prayer and is it God answering or is it coincidence. Someone brought up some answers to prayer – including a dream that showed them where to find the answer to their prayer – a lost ring. That is how the discussion got started.

    The discussion moved to the fear of actually believing that God wants to be involved in our lives, that He wants to move close to us – fear of change, etc.

    Why do I mention this . . . the link that was posted to “The Terror of Prayer”. It fit with the discussion . . . I’m going to email those at the search party the web address to The Terror of Prayer. The web link is a perfect.

    Thank you Elisa and Allan for starting a chain of events – who knows what the ripple effect will be. . . .

    I’m praying . . . with a wide range of emotions, behind the prayers.

  4. Roger R.. Wade says:

    Dear God,
    What an awesome cry from your child, Elisa. I join with others petitioning your throne for your will be done. Elisa is craving to follow YOUR will. Direct the ministry. May YOU receive the Glory and Honor due YOU!

  5. Aristede Dukes says:

    Thank you Lord for Elisa’s passion for prayer. We know that the world can be changed by the power of pray. I ask that you comfort her. Help her to remember that you have promised to bear our burdens for us. Lord, I also pray that you bless the prayer room. Please make it a vehicle through which you will richly bless all those who come into contact with it.

  6. Tara VinCross says:

    God, thank you for the amazing way you have been leading in Elisa’s life and opening up opportunities before her. Please Lord, accomplish what you have intended through this week of 24/7 prayer. Use what your servants are doing to bring honor, attention and glory to your name! I pray that you would give Elisa peace knowing that you hold everything in your hand. Give her mind and heart rest. Strengthen her for whatever is ahead. Together we pray that we would be a part of bringing your kingdom here to earth and to the lives of your children this next week.

    I agree with Carolyn, who knows what the ripple effect from this week will be!?!?

  7. aamphd says:

    Dear GOD,
    As this time of continuous prayer begins for Elisa and the Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital, I pray that You will be honored by their eagerness to speak with You. I pray You will find the conversations delightful and heartfelt. May you fill our lives with the whispers of Your love. Amen.

  8. elisa says:

    Thank you for your support through these prayers and I know you all just WISH you could be here to help me put up the brown paper that completely fell off the wall during the night. 🙂 Thank God for prompt and helpful maintenance guys who came to my rescue at 6:30 this morning!! All is well and hopefully that will be the only glitch. I just got a call that the photographer from the Tribune is on his way…

    “May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in your sight.”

    Thank you Father for your leading and making a way for this to happen. May your name only be glorified and please pour out blessings… amen

  9. Paddy McCoy says:

    Father – I know first hand the power of knowing that others are lifting you up in prayer…it’s as if their hands are beneath you, literally holding you up towards the heavens. I pray that Elisa and her team would be blessed with that sense, and the sense of your Holy Spirit surrounding their efforts with the Glory from your throne. May their prayers be a sweet fragrance before you, and may they be strong and courageous with the knowledge that YOU are with them. And may they know that others are encouraged by their commitment to be on their knees to help change the world.

  10. aamphd says:

    GOD, thank you for honoring our pursuit of you in these days. GODmoments have filled the ABH prayer room, but I sense these moments have also touched the room we have culled out in our hearts. As the 24/7 days of prayer come to a close at the hospital, may this simply be a launching point for ceaseless communion with You. Please inhabit every moment till we meet face to face. Thanks GOD for being present with us. What a holy honor to be in the presence of the living GOD. Amen.

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