HOP Day 2

4:01am – I’m surprised that I’ve already been here an hour! Time flits by in a sacred space… I am overwhelmed by the blessing of God on this simple gift of quiet space in the midst of this beautiful, new, bustling house of healing. This hospital has been open for a little over 4 months now so we have been through many “firsts” or “only hospital to…” and this House of Prayer is now added to that list. Yesterday as people came and went I heard so many people who were touched by the presence of God in this room. I can’t explain how it happens, but I believe that the tincture of passion, energy, & prayer that goes into making a space like this creates a place where God will linger and meet his children. I am awed and humbled to be part of this. One of our OB physicians was here first thing yesterday morning and as I talked to him afterward he shared how important prayer is to him and how he often prays for the babies he delivers just after they are born! He said he had seen a flier about this HOP a couple weeks ago and his “eyes lit up” and he wanted to be here first thing because he values prayer.

Another lady came by to see what it was about and when she read the paper outside the entrance she said she felt a presence just in the doorway – others came to me and said “I can’t go into the room without crying”. The writings on the prayer wall indicate that some have encounterd God here… Amazing!

One more thing – yesterday morning my cell phone rang and it was a number I didn’t recognize. I answered and it was a friend from highschool whom I rarely hear from. She said, “You are one of my only friends who I know still believes in God and goes to church and I just need prayer this week.” She is in law school and this is finals week and she is feeling the pressure of grades to maintain her scholarship. I was blown away!! I prayed for her on the phone and then I told her that we are having this prayer room this week and she would be a special part of it. Please, if you think of it, add your prayers for Kathryn – for her finals – but also that God would reach her heart.

We serve an almighty God! I can’t come up with words to express my thoughts…

For reflection:

-How can we make prayer and interactions with God a real part of our every day life? Where “their DNA chooses Jesus (he breathes out, they breathe in)”?

-What will it take for a revolution of prayer to really take hold?

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2 Responses to HOP Day 2

  1. allan says:

    Dear GOD,
    Thank You for the ripples of grace You offer to us as we converse with You. The prayers that are needed go beyond prayer meetings, prayer rooms, and national days of prayer. May we live lives of prayer, praying without ceasing. In the case of Kathryn, be with her in a powerful way, let her know You are in charge.

    Alert us, like You have alerted Elisa, to those who need our prayers. Also awaken our hearts to our own need of Your voice.

    May Your power ripple across our communities and may Your name be held high in our prayerfilled lives. Amen.

  2. `Shadeika Roberts says:

    amen. it is a truth that we need a consistent a prayer life with GOD. In this day and age, nothing else can suffice. I can truely atest to that , as without a constant talk with HIM leaves me in a melancholy state. I am not exaggerating. It is like a part of me is not a live, even though i sometimes disapoint HIM. i can only identify with JESUS (knowing d magnitude of separation that sin cause ) exclaimed “father why as thou forshaken me”.

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