ABH HOP day 3

Morning… not a greeting but rather stating a fact – it is morning and I am not a morning person per se. These early morning vigils in the prayer room are difficult! Yesterday when I was frantically trying to find people to cover the over night hours people laughed at me when I asked if they wanted to come from 3-5am. This 24/7 endeavour requires sacrifice and perseverance. No one suggested it would be easy or something “fun” to do. I wonder who will volunteer for tonight… any of you in the area :).

I wonder this morning if God can speak to me through my stuffy, plugged up head? I’m so thankful that everyone who comes in this space has a personal experience with God and is not dependant on ME to make it happen! whew! what a relief because I am not up to it.

Some highlights from the last couple of days:

  • The article in the Chicago Tribune came out yesterday. To read it please visit http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/chi-pray_29apr29,0,118423.story
  • A lady came into the HOP the other day who saw the poster in the lobby as she was coming in for testing. The volunteer told me that this lady had been at her newly purchased house on the west side of Chicago working (it was a “fixer-upper”) this past weekend when two guys armed with a gun came into her backyard and robbed her and her sister at gun point!!! They spent about 20 minutes in the house of prayer praying and praising God for life and protection!
  • When I left last night I peaked in and saw one of our leaders in the HOP with a young girl sitting by the box of sand reading the sign talking about how much God loves us and how we are worth so much that he gave his life for us… just like a pearl. It was touching to see her patiently listening as the girl haltingly read and she explained what it meant.
  • Someone else came up to me and said, “you were right, it’s hard to explain, but once you experience it – WOW!! it was amazing!”
  • Another lady told me yesterday that being in that room really gave her time to think about things. She hasn’t been to church for several years and although she still believes in God she said it made her stop and think about how she spends her time.

My hope is that people will come away not just saying “that was a great room” but that they encountered God in this space. It is amazing that each person has an individual experience and no two are the same. Maybe this prayer of David resonates with someone “Hear me as I pray, O Lord. Be merciful and answer me! My heart has heard you say, “Come and talk with me.” And my heart responds, “Lord, I am coming.” Ps.27.7-8. I believe that God meets us in these sacred spaces.

One more quote this morning —

“Prayer brings incredible answers to deep needs. It can lead to genuine breakthroughs in calling people, villages, and cities back to God. But the most important thing that any prayer, or prayer room, from Alaska to Australia can provide is a place where people can be alone with their eternal Father, a place where you and I can study His features, find comfort in His love, learn to recognize His quiet voice, seek His advice, and pour out our childish hearts to Him… We actually become the answer to many of our prayers. And of course that is the greatest miracle of all.” (RMR p. 71)

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2 Responses to ABH HOP day 3

  1. aamphd says:

    Authentic, intimate relationships require intentional industry. Communication is the fruit of surrender, perseverance and sacrifice. It is on the building block of prayer that our relationship with GOD has opportunity to move from stranger to acquaintence to friend to fiance, to lover. The romance is sustained by resolve, built on the promise to “stick to it” through thick and thin.

    May GOD be honored by our devotion to the Bridegroom. May our dedication to pray without ceasing deepen our commitment and refine our relationship to Christ.

    Thank you Elisa and ABH for the journey you’re allowing us to travel with you.

  2. lisahope says:

    praying for you, elisa! and the prayer room. great article in the paper! thanks for sharing with us!

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