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I’d like to welcome Chris Bullock to our stable of writers. As he notes in his bio, which I’ve just added to the “about the authors” page, Chris is planting a new church in Atlanta, GA, called FUSION. He’s been a pastor for 10 years in Colorado, Tennessee and Georgia and has worked in youth and young adult ministries, as well as lead pastor. His passion is for secular postmodern society to experience a revelation of Jesus Christ. He is married to Sonya, and has two children.

For a little more about Chris’s ministry, check out this article.

Welcome, Chris!


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2 Responses to New Contributor

  1. Zane says:

    Hey Chris,

    Great to hear/see of what your up to in the ATL! You guys are in my prayers…I’ll be in GA over Memorial Day weekend. Perhaps we can catch up then?

  2. elisa says:

    glad to have you here – looking forward to reading your posts.

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