Garage Voice

Congratulations to Garage Voice on their first award winning music video.

I’m just getting acquainted to the band by referral of young adults.  Would love to have those of you who know them and what they are about to offer your comments and reviews.


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2 Responses to Garage Voice

  1. Zukhra says:


    I like piano there :)) Frankly to say like instrumental music

  2. gV made up of Tommy (singer), Bruce (piano), and Patrick (drummer). These guys are highly talented and more importantly love Jesus wholeheartedly. They have a unique sound and a powerful message.

    When two of them had just finished high school and one was in college, they heard about 24-Seven Ministry Center, they packed up their two-door Honda Accord and drove across-country to be a part of our church. We praise God for them and look forward to seeing how the doors continue to open as they follow Him!


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