Bringing a Smile to God’s Face

asian smiles

I will take many moments with me from GODencounters Florida. But I believe I will most cherish all the smiles. Yes, being surrounded with all those smiles is a mental picture I will relish.

band smiles

Sebastian encouraging us to jump (or was it hop) for joy made me smile. Little ones like Orlando, Jr., Sadie, and Elle just inspire grins galore. In addition to exceptional leadership, Dany’s antics made us all smile. My girls made me smile. The familiar faces and the new generation of GODfollowers brought a smile to my heart

guys smile

Amidst all the grins, I can’t help but imagine that GOD was also smiling as He joined in the Kingdom-sized party.

crowd smiles

To watch His family sing and cheer and share and pray and play and party. . . it would seem that such could only bring a smile to His Face.

family smiles

Dear GOD, may our party honor You and bring You delight. We find Your courts to be home, an easy place to play and praise with reckless abandon. We find Your love liberating, giving us freedom to express our joy in You.

minus one smile

May our lives bring You happiness, may our song bring You glory, may our party continue into eternity,

face to face

and may the day be soon when we see Your smile. . .

face to face.


About A Allan Martin, PhD

Jeremiah 24/7
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3 Responses to Bringing a Smile to God’s Face

  1. Dany Hernandez says:

    It was an amazing weekend filled with joy and praise… The entire GE team worked extremely hard to provide an environment conducive to encountering God. Thanks to all who participated and attended from around the state and from out of state. I pray we all keep the party going!

  2. Randy says:

    I’m not sure about anyone else but I was DANCING…because I AM FREE! I’m with Dany on the fact that it was an amazing weekend. Of all the GE’s this was by far my favorite. Now that the party is started, let’s keep it going!

  3. Todd says:

    Hmm, how do you follow up those comments? All I can say is that the 7-year cycle for GE ended the same way it began, with the Holy Spirit exploding out of the sanctuary as peoples voices of praise echoed off the rafters. It was no casual, mumbled, barely audible weekly hymn, but people vibrantly, enthusiastically, and with abandon singing heart felt praise to their Creator. Truly awe inspiring!

    I’m with the last two guys, PARTY ON!

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