All for His Renown


The beauty of GODencounters is when one comes to GOD, Jesus offers His warm embrace. The stories of the lost sheep, lost coin, and lost sons, are not fables. GOD truly chases after you. At GODencounters, there is sweet fellowship among believers, the kind that is mentioned in Acts 2. As a result, GOD’s fame spreads, and the crowds swell.

GEc GA Cumberland

In Georgia Cumberland, they started on Wednesday to a packed encounters cafe and by Sabbath morning the Collegedale Church’s main floor was filled, overflowing into the balcony.

GEc FloridaIn Florida, the abbreviated camp meeting did not dissuade GODfollowers from celebrating Jubilee, packing the Forest Lake Church to the brim requiring overflow seating in adjacent closed circuit Sabbath School rooms.

There is an energy that can be tangibly felt when followers of Jesus gather, seeking Him with their whole heart. There is something to be said when the walls of the church shake for the sake of His glory. It is worth noting when new generations decide to live for GOD’s renown. Worship has focus in His fame.

ladiesAlthough GODencounters targets young adults, all generations arrive when there is a call to worship GOD. There is no age limit, but know that the gatherings are clearly dominated by young adults. New generations spiritually thrive where GOD is the point and they are welcomed to join in the pursuit. There is an authenticity that oozes from them, a passion to be real and honest. They bring this to worship, it is evident in their conversations. GODencounters offers them a safe environment to follow GOD’s promptings and to respond to Him in worship.


The words of ancient texts, contemporary worship songs, treasured hymns, and heartfelt prayers blend into a sweet offering to GOD. Even with the great intentionality by which the worship experience is planned, there is spontaneity and wonder. The focal point is not on the homiletical skill of the preacher, the artistry of the musician, the punctuality of the service. GOD is front and center and all hearts are on Him.

smilesWhen our hearts turn towards GOD, one is sure to feel conviction and contrition, but there is also joy, yes celebratory joy. It shows up in spiritual songs wholeheartedly engaged, and silences that reflect collective awe. It also shows up in smiles.

So far this summer, there has been nothing more rewarding than to enter GOD’s house, to hear His people bring Him praise, and to see the smiles of His children.

May has evaporated, but the inspiration of GODencounters remains with me. June brings more gatherings, in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. I trust that the worship will be awesome and the fellowship will be sweet–All for His renown. And I have a sneaking suspicion that there will be more smiles, both here and above.

more smiles


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Jeremiah 24/7
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One Response to All for His Renown

  1. aamphd says:

    What a glorious summer it has been. Reports are in for NJ, and PA. I am eager to hear how things are going in Texas as they have gatherings throughout the state.

    Just wanted to post a question here for you [wherever you are].

    “What do you believe brings a smile to GOD’s face?”

    Would love to see you post your thoughts here!

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