New Jersey GODencounters will be held June 21 & 28, 2008, at the Tranquil Valley Retreat Center, milemarker 23, State Hwy 517, Tranquility, NJ 07879, with Matt Gamble, Malou Cornago, Oscar Rodriguez, Damian Chandler, and worship led by Jr Bonilla and the Cherry Hill Gang. Festivities begin at 10:00 AM. For more information call 609-392-7131 ext 211.

The theme this year is ‘Go Wide!’ however before we ‘Go’ for Jesus we must encounter Him and that is our goal for our time together. This jubilee celebration will be a time of worship, fellowship, networking, inspiration but above all time with our Creator.

For the first time at our New Jersey camp meeting we’ll have a separate venue and location for young adult worship and fellowship. We’re transforming the ‘craft building’ into the ‘green room’, a kick back sanctuary lounge for us to connect with God and each other. One of the features of this lounge will be a ‘prayer room’ where you can dialog with God experientially.

At sundown, we will conclude the meeting with a fun game of beach volleyball. Bring your game. Hope to see you there. For more information email njyouth@aol.com or call 609-392-7131 ext. 211.
-Laffit Cortez, pastorlaffit@aol.com


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Jeremiah 24/7
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4 Responses to GO WIDE

  1. damian says:

    Guys it was a total blessing. I am seeing something powerful happening across the country. There is a revival happening among our young adults and i was glad to be a witness to the move of God’s Spirit among our generation. I am dedicated to prayer that these sparks across the country will ignite to a inferno 🙂
    Be Blessed

  2. aamphd says:

    Thanks to the entire GO WIDE team for making GODencounters for young adults happen in New Jersey. May this be the beginning of a swelling movement across the Garden state, calling new generations to wholeheartedly pursue a 24/7 experience of the living GOD.

  3. Yesterday I left my new home in Hamden, CT and made the two our trek to NJ Campmeeting. What a blessing it was to spend the day with the young adults there in NJ. As Damian mentioned, God is up to something huge and it is great to be a part of it. I was especially impressed to see how the ENTIRE event was run by young adults! I will be posting a blog about my experience shortly, but wanted to make a quick post here. May the fire be upon us all!


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