call me captain awesome

“It was so awesome!” Those are the only words I could use to really describe Sabbath morning’s worship in the Green Room. For the first time ever, I was able to worship through song without having to stress or worry about what chord to play next. The collegiate group was probably the smallest in number at camp meeting that day, but I think we were the loudest.

I had never felt comfortable raising my hands in praise and song to God before. I’d grown up taught that any outward expression other than saying “Amen”, wasn’t really acceptable. But how can anyone who knows the love of God keep from shouting and praising Him?

For the first time, I raised my hands high to God in praise without shame of who might see or what might be said. Hands lifted and voices raised, praise was heard over the worship leaders singing into microphones. It was a heart and God exulting moment! God was in the room, He was in our hearts, He was in every word sung, every drum beat, every bass note, and guitar strum. God was there. What can I say? “It was awesome!”


About jaealindogan

Jae is currently a team member of a worship team consisting of young people from north and south New Jersey, and has worked in youth ministries as a part-time volunteer from 2006-2009. In 2009, Jae began working full-time in youth ministries.
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3 Responses to call me captain awesome

  1. Mithun says:

    Amen! Unfortunately, my first encounter with passionate, heartfelt, tear-drawing worship was outside the Church in College at a secular university. And honestly, one of my favorite times in college was worshiping with my good friends, and is one of the things I miss most about college.

    Nonetheless, we must bring passionate worship back into the Church. It’s not about the songs, the instruments, or anything like that. One of my favorite and most moving songs to sing with my college buddies—a capella—is “All Creatures of Our God and King”—nothing new. But to know and feel you are worshiping the God of heaven with all your heart, with your mind deeply invested, standing next to a brother and realizing that this is the joy you will be experiencing for all eternity…to feel and experience that is beyond words and takes my breath away. And it is something that most of the Adventist Churches I’ve visited are lacking. Let’s ignite the Church in praise.

  2. elisa says:

    I know what you mean about not worshiping freely and being raised that way. I remember the first time I felt actually free and able to worship God how it seemed right during the moment… I think that worship does not come alive until we can express it fully with our bodies and hearts and voices. What an amazing God we serve and so worthy of our praise and our heartfelt reverence. What an awesome gift to be able to be in a place that gives us the permission and freedom to experience worship. As the song says “how can I keep from shouting his praise? how can I ever say enough, how amazing is his love!” Keep on praising!!!!

  3. aamphd says:

    Janelle, thank you so much for sharing your experience at GODencounters in New Jersey! Know that your ministry is so important, but I am delighted that you were afforded a moment to simply bask in worship. Too often I sense that ministry/worship leaders give and give and give. It is so good to hear you were offered an opportunity participate instead of lead. I am excited with what GOD is forming there in New Jersey and know that “awesome” GODencounters will continue to impact your young adults.

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