Ge | two weekends, two states, two encounters :: PART 1

Erich Mace leads worship

Two weeks ago my wife and I boarded a plan from Seattle and flew to our new home in Connecticut.  I knew that this transition would bring about some exciting challenges and opportunities, not the least of these was the two Ge events that were approaching.  

On June 20 I arrived at the PA Conference Campmeeting grounds, aka Blue Mountain Academy.  After getting somewhat acquainted with the team we had a prayer and the worship experience began.  Erich Mace started with an all acoustic set of worship music which set the tone nicely.  That evening I shared a message entitled Reality which emphasized the fact that Jesus knows everything about us and still loves us.  This love is what enables us to worship him 24-7.  On Sabbath morning, in a message entitled BE we identified the fact that all Jesus wants from us is to be still and know that HE IS GOD!  The apex of the weekend, however, was Saturday night.  As the Sabbath hours were drawing to a close, the young adults started filling in.  Erich lead us in a powerful season of prayerful worship and then I shared a message called Temple where we payed attention to the fact that Jesus went into the Temple and threw over the tables of those who were standing in the way of people worshiping God.  The parallel was then made that we are the “temple of the Holy Spirit” (I Cor 6:19) and a challenge was given to take time to consider what “tables” in your temple would Jesus turn over.  At this the invitation was given to write these issues down on the provided piece of paper.  A fire was burning during the entire meeting just outside a side door.  As people wrote down the various issues that were prohibiting their walk with God, they took the sheets of paper and placed them in the fire.  As they came back in, juice and bread were provided as a time to commune with God, accepting his body and blood.  It was a powerful time of repentance, contemplation, and forgiveness.  The evening ended with a celebration as we sang corporately songs of praise to God!

Consuming fire...

As I have reflected on the weekend, I truly believe that Jesus showed up in powerful ways.  What impressed me most about the Ge in PA was the simplicity of it all.  While the room was nicely decorated, the set up was simple.  Erich Mace is a phenomenal musician, but again the simplicity of song selection played acoustically created a atmosphere where every voice could be heard and people were free to sing with all their hearts.  Regarding the messages, I truly believe that God put it all together as we learned to be authentic with Jesus, be still with him, and give him freedom to rearrange the furniture in our lives that our preventing us from worshiping him 24-7.  


Who knows the entirety of the impact made over the course of this weekend, but for this vagabond, it was a blessing that I will not quickly forget.  





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One Response to Ge | two weekends, two states, two encounters :: PART 1

  1. aamphd says:

    I too find that simplicity is just as potent, if not moreso, than more complex and elaborate efforts to encounter GOD. Thanks for sharing Matthew! I am elated for what GOD is doing all along the eastern United States and hold great anticipation as He fosters more places and spaces for His heart to be known. May His fame spread!

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