Identity Theft

sometimes i feel like my identity has been stolen!

fraud has been committed.

not my social security card, credit cards, etc…

but my actual identity. not the stuff that says who i am, what i own, how much i’ve got or owe.

but me. my actual identity – who i actually am.

by whom? by what?

before you think i forgot to take my meds… hear me out… maybe this will resonate with you.

what makes up a persons identity?

think about it. it’s the persons name, family, friends, job/career, culture, history… but mostly, it’s what PEOPLE think about you and what YOU think about yourself and how much you allow those thoughts to mold you – you identify with those thoughts – thus creating your “identity.”

Wikipedia says that identity formation is the process “by which a person is recognised or known (such as the establishment of a reputation). This process defines an individual to others and themselves.”

Do you want to be “defined” by your “reputation”? The one that others think about you? The one that you think about yourself??? Which reputation, from which group of people?

It sounds like identity theft to me!

I mean, seriously, most people build up a reputation that does not accurately reflect their true self. Right? I’m not saying it always happens… but so often, we put on a face, whether for good or bad, in order to accommodate our social setting. Consciously or not, we have different faces for different places. We commit fraud — we are fake, not the real deal.

Average Joe is a different guy at church than he is at the sports bar, or when he’s at work or playing family games with the kids.

The epitome of this idea can be best understood in the life of a teenager, who is coming to terms with who they are, but cannot risk to expose all of their experimentation with individualism. How many teenagers are THE same person with their parents as they are with their friends? What’s ironic is that as teenagers, most of us made comments like, “My parents just don’t understand me,” as if we really understood ourselves!

Can we afford to have our identity come from what others think about us, or from what we think about ourselves? Is there another way?

It’s one of the existential questions — Who am I?

I guess that depends on where you find your identity?

Do you find it in your car? Your clothes? Your career? Your cash?

Or can it be found . . . in your Creator?

God says we are his sons and daughters. Do we believe him? Or will we let Visa and Versace dictate who we are or are not, by what we have or have not?

The stupid and the intelligent things we do often give us our reputation.

Is our identity in what we do, or can it be in what God has already done?

Is our identity in what we or others think about ourselves, or is it in what God thinks about us?

Maybe our true identity cannot be defined by the things of this world… but by the One who made the world and gave us life.

Besides, who knows you better than the One who made you?

You and I are both guilty of identity theft. We are frauds . . . fakes!

We have stolen our true identity by pretending to be somebody we were not created to be!

But our identity can be formed by what God thinks about us and what He has done for us by coming to this world in the life of Jesus Christ and becoming our sin, dying as our sacrifice, restoring to us our original eternal identity. In Christ, we have eternal value. He paid the infinite price for us. Our identity in Christ means we are of unmeasurable worth.

Won’t we stop stealing our God-given identities by trying to be somebody we were not created to be? and start living like sons and daughters of the Most High God? … all the time, in every situation?

I want to be the same person I am supposed to be all the time.

No faking.

Totally real… authentic… transparent… me.

By God’s grace, I am what I am. (1 Cor.15:10)

Let’s be children of God.


About christoffering

By the grace of God I am what I am, and his grace to me has not been without effect. (1 Corinthians 15:10)
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5 Responses to Identity Theft

  1. Zane says:

    Very profound, my brother! Thanks for a thought-provoking morning devotional…

  2. heather Magray says:

    Great!! i can resonate with this. My only struggle is that most days i don’t know who God created me to be. yes, yes, i know to be His daughter but, what does that look like. i can only be what i think that is. But what i “think” that is, is influenced by everything around me. What has God created me to do, to be, to affect in this world. That is what i struggle with on a daily basis. Thank you for your blog. i feel better just knowing i am not the only one struggling with an identity crisis. 🙂

  3. Mithun says:

    Amen! The struggle for an authentic identity is the struggle for honesty in everyday life, and every day of our life. Along those lines, I wrote a post about honesty in the Adventist Young Adults Blog that really resonates with your ideas:

  4. Sarah says:

    great! Marius just finished a three-part sermon series called “identity theft” last weekend… great minds think alike!

  5. my name is aung win kyaw

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