Experiencing GOD: Calling Him Names

In Blackaby’s Experiencing GOD, he states that “I know GOD more intimately as He reveals Himself to me through my experiences with Him.” Henry goes further to list names, titles, and descriptions of GOD and challenge the reader to check off ones that describe GOD in ways one has personally experienced Him.

As I read through the list, I was moved by the many ways…the multiple ways…the profound ways…the mundane ways GOD continues to be intimately involved in my life. Here I’ll share one:

As I read the listed description of GOD as “Good Teacher (Mark 10:17),” I was reminded of sitting at the table recently to scarf down my supper before heading off to my next task. My daughter, Alexa, brought over her mac & cheese, and before she dug in, she took a moment for grace. I watched her praying silently, and it was clear that she was doing more than blessing the food; A twinkle would come over her expression, then another emotion would sweep over, expressed in the peaceful nuiances of her lovely face. After what seemed to be the length of a “pastoral prayer,” Alexa began to have supper, smiling over at me; Unaware of the lesson I learned. Stunned in mid-scarfing, I was reminded to bless GOD for a lesson learned during a meal shared.

I was “taught” by GOD through my daughter, to slow down and be thankful. The Good Teacher had taken a moment to remind me through Alexa, that He has lessons He can teach, even over mac & cheese.

I would invite you to call Him names. In your book, Experiencing GOD, you will find a list of Names, Titles, and Descriptions of GOD. Would you post a comment of what name really resonates with you, describing GOD in ways you have personally experienced Him? Would love to hear your experiences too.

I am excited for all the name calling in store!


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Jeremiah 24/7
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9 Responses to Experiencing GOD: Calling Him Names

  1. Donna Cunningham says:

    The Name of God that resonates with me is, sadly, not even on your list. It is the Name that is written over six thousand times in the Hebrew scriptures but has been removed from our Bibles by the translators, who have chosen to substitute it with a title instead, “the LORD”. It is God’s own Name that He calls Himself. “And Yahweh passed by before him (Moses), and proclaimed, “Yahweh, Yahweh God, merciful and gracious, longsuffering and abundant in goodness and truth” (Exodus 34:6)

    (“Jehovah” is an incorrect translation, a philological impossibility, of God’s Name, Yahweh. Please see article entitled Yahweh at http://www.jewishencyclopedia.com for additional information)

  2. aamphd says:

    Hello Donna,
    I would love to hear the experiences that name brings to mind and the intimacy it offers between you and GOD.

  3. Donna Cunningham says:

    Allan, in my experience, it’s such an honor to be asked to call the God of the Universe by Name, rather than just by title. Imagine meeting the President of the United States. Would it be more special and thrilling to simply address him all the time as “Mr President”, or would it be much more intimate, more like you had a close connection, to be told “Call me George?” (Or Ron, Or Bill, or John, or Barack, or whichever past or future president one would look up to enough to really cherish that personal connection.) Our spouses are another example. Which would really describe your wife and establish a personal connection more, to tell someone “This is my wife.” That tells about her connection with you, but not about her! Whereas, “This is my wife, Dee” really starts to be specific to her! Christians are always quick to call on the name and praise the name of Jesus, but what name do you suppose Jesus praised when he was lifting up his Father?

  4. This past week I have been hit, once again, with the reality that I am not really connecting with God. For me to connect I need to be intentional to get out of my normal element/routine and intentional pursue God in His word or through prayer.

    This past Thursday after diving into Proverbs and the Gospel of John, I started to journal a prayer response back to God. Starting the “letter” I wrote, “Lord, Jesus, Savior, Creator” and then began to journal. Identifying God as my Lord is huge to me. It means that there is someone over me who I have surrendered my life to. It is a humbling posture to refer to someone as Lord.

    Then Jesus… this is more personal. He is Lord of my life, yes; but He is as close as a friend. But not just any friend, He is my Savior and has Created heaven and earth for my enjoyment to share it with Him and others!

    What a mighty God we serve!


  5. Bainesy says:

    There are two names of God which resonate with me, particularly of late.

    He is my Hiding Place. Life gets crazy and as a result I need to get away and spend time alone with Him. Sometimes I imagine myself climbing up a mountain into a cave – and in this place I meet with my Creator and my friend. I have His full attention.

    He is also my Strength. Reality continues to bite – I am nothing without Him and can’t do anything without Him. I’m weak – but He is strong, and in Him I find strength to fight life’s battles, meet life’s challenges and forge ahead when I’m too scared to keep going.

    Thankyou God – my Rock, my Hope and my Redeemer.

  6. taravincross says:

    God is Savior. Even though I have seen many people reborn – drawn to God, accepting Jesus as their Savior – I am still surprised, delighted and awed when I see God working as Savior in their life. When I recently got a call from someone I have been praying for for years and he said he was reading the Bible and he finally “got it” and understood the joy and love that Jesus offers, I wept and saw that Jesus truly is Savior. Miracles happen in church, but also when people are alone, in their urban apartments. God shows up and begins a miracle of rebirth that I cannot explain and do not fully understand, but which leaves me speechless. I guess its sometimes easier to see in someone else’s life, but I have truly seen again that God is Savior.

    My prayer is that as I live, present in each day, that I will be more and more aware of the miracles God is working in my life and in the lives of those around me. To be in tune with the places where there is rebirth taking place and where the kingdom of God is coming near to earth.

  7. ericpowelldesign says:

    King does it for me. This title puts eternity in perspective as I choose who to live for each and every moment.

  8. aamphd says:

    Matthew, what a wonderful think to “letter write” with someone that is as powerful and personal as Jesus. I resonate with your calling Him Lord, Savior, and Creator! It reminds me of an old Small Town Poets song, “Prophet, Priest, & King.”

    Mark, I too need a GOD who is a strong hiding place. May we find refuge in Him! What a great picture of our awesome GOD!

    Tara, I love the miraculous Savior we serve. The mystery of His saving ways expose His patience and longsuffering heart for His wayward children. The rebirth He initiates in us is amazing.

    Eric, I love how simply calling Him King offers you an attitude adjustment as you live the next moment in eternity. That is powerful!

  9. Sheri Denny says:

    Our Father in Heaven appeals to me. The tender, loving father who adores us, sees the beauty in us and watches us with pride and joy (when we pray & eat our mac and cheese). The father who holds us when we sob and hurt from our own failures, but offers no judgement. And yet the father who knows our potential and believes in us no matter what.

    That is the God I can turn to and who touches my life with tenderness and compassion.

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