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Experiencing GOD: Life Adjustments

Henry Blackaby notes, “Understanding spiritual truth does not lead you to an encounter with GOD; it is the encounter with GOD.” In Unit 5 & 6 he continues with a discussion of how GOD speaks through the Holy Spirit, Bible, … Continue reading

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IGNITION @ 2009 Adventist Ministries Convention

IGNITION: Young Adult Ministry Training We shaping a young adult ministry training experience for: Conference Directors, Ministry Professionals, Chaplains, Church Administrators, and Pastors. Come — How do we create inviting spiritual environments for new generations? See — How do we … Continue reading

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2009 GODencounters Retreat – Atlantic Union

Speaker: Lisa Hope, Director of Advent House, UTC, Knoxville. Comedy: Bean & Bailey Music: Maria Gomez Long Praise & Worship: Scott Campbell $75 – Bring your own linen $35 – Sabbath only (2 meals provided) To register call 978.368.8333 … Continue reading

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Dear Jimmy

Dear Jimmy, Congratulations on your recent graduation. By the way nice suit and tie. We are elated with the exceptional experience you had at Union and know that it was very significant to your becoming who you are. California is … Continue reading

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let’s talk

After reading the article by Jan Paulsen in the Adventist World, it got me thinking about ministry to young people. It reminded me how helpless, angry, and frustrated I felt in my teens to look around and see many of … Continue reading

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Young Adults and Church Hopping

Benjamin Baker comments on the phenomenon of young adult “church hopping” in the Adventist Review. Here are his reasons why you shouldn’t. What do you think? (I’d like to see some Scripture texts that support point 5). 1.¬†Relationships not developed:¬† … Continue reading

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