Experiencing GOD: Life Adjustments

Henry Blackaby notes, “Understanding spiritual truth does not lead you to an encounter with GOD; it is the encounter with GOD.”

In Unit 5 & 6 he continues with a discussion of how GOD speaks through the Holy Spirit, Bible, Prayer, Circumstances, and the Church. I was struck by the many methods that GOD uses trying to get through to me. I find myself looking for a “burning bush” experience, but sense that I will find Jesus speaking to me in the ordinary days. Maybe I need not look for GOD in the miraculous, but instead pay attention to His revelations in the mundane. Blackaby affirms, “That GOD spoke is the most important factor, not how He spoke.”

Repeatedly through these sections, Blackaby gives emphasis to my adjusting my life in response to these GODencounters. It is not enough to agree with what GOD is saying; My response is “crucial.” In fact, at one point Henry asserts that until one responds with a life adjustment, “GOD will continue to see you as wicked.”

WOW. That’s harsh.

But thinking about it, I find it to be true. If someone I love seemingly agrees with an admonition I have shared, but makes no effort to change or alter their course in response, I certainly view that someone as stubborn or rebellious. I can see how GOD would view my unrepentant, unaltered ways as wicked. Wicked aptly describes my heart when I don’t yield to GOD’s will.

I am reminded of that deviant shopping cart, seemingly possessed by some grocery-parking-lot-demon. You make efforts to guide it a certain direction and it seems to fight you, curving for the deli. It’s the resistance of that lone wheel or a conspiracy of cart wheels that has that “wicked” cart going where you did not intend.

Personally, I tend to trade up that rebellious cart for a more obedient cart. Let that wicked shopping cart roll right into hell.

I am glad GOD is not like me. He doesn’t trade me up for the more obedient. He works with me.

It is a good thing that GOD not only reveals His will, but also provides the power for me to make the life adjustment. Philippians 2:13 says, “It is GOD who works in you to will and to act according to His good purpose.”

Dear GOD, thank you for working in me as I make efforts to not only agree with You, but also to make life adjustments. Help me respond to GODencounters, following not fighting the spiritual truths You reveal.


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Jeremiah 24/7
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3 Responses to Experiencing GOD: Life Adjustments

  1. manny says:

    this post brings to mind my rebelliousness and stubbornness. it floors me to think that i am wicked before His eyes when i don’t do what i know i’m supposed to do! oswald chambers wrote the following: “when God gives a vision by His Spirit through His word of what He wants, and your mind and soul thrill to it, if you do not walk in the light of that vision, you will sink into servitude to a point of view which our Lord never had. disobedience in mind to the heavenly vision will make you a slave to points of view that are alien to Jesus Christ…”

    i want my conscience to respond to truth. i want to be a true disciple and have that GODencounter and not fall back as a deserter. help me Lord Jesus to experience anew this day, amen.

  2. elisa says:

    I’m reading “Desiring God’s Will” by David Brenner and this morning I was reminded how God is always present and speaking to us but it is us who are not aware of his presence. He goes on to say that there is need to surrender to his presence with a sense of openness. It isn’t with fists clenched and teeth grinding that we use our “willpower” to choose God but rather by an open surrender to him that we become aware of his presence. That is so refreshing that I don’t have to get up the “gumption” (aka willpower) to follow God but rather open my heart and listen to his prompting and his will. He is waiting and very present but we often miss him in the every day things while we are searching for some burning bush, like Allan says. Oh that I can sense God in the every-day mundane moments – even (can you imagine?) the frustrations that I face on a daily basis. Help me Father to be open to your presence…

  3. aamphd says:

    Manny, what a poignant quote! I too desire the type of disciplehood that is responsive and attune with the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Thanks so much for your comments that affirm our passion to resonate with the heart of GOD.

    Elisa, it is so good to see you, even if only via cyberspace blog commentary. That is a great book, and what a great challenge to GODfollowers to even see GOD in the midst of challenges and trials. May we transcend the self-pity that often accompanies hardship and look for what GOD may be up to in the midst of even our pain. Following Jesus’ surrender [Not my will, but thy will be done…] has seemed so distant from personal praxis. However, I get the sense as we form habits of falling into the arms of grace, that surrender becomes more clearly the true option, albeit not the first human choice.

    Thanks for your wonderful commentary here, as always astute and meaningful.

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