IGNITION @ 2009 Adventist Ministries Convention


IGNITION at the 2009 Adventist Ministries Convention was a whirlwind of worship, wonderful fellowship, and worthwhile presentations.  Like a collection of snapshots, I’m finding it easier to show you glimpses than to translate the awesome moments into words.


Dr. Tim Elmore of Growing Leaders, shared how to Understand and Unleash Generation Y to a packed room.  I was most impressed by the astute and poignant questions from the attendees, who were eager to develop relevant relationships with new generations.  Dr. Elmore made special mention of how he enjoyed being with leaders so hungry for wisdom as to how to minister well with young adults.


Dr. Matthew Gamble of the Center for Creative Ministry also presented to a packed room sharing how to Turn Revolting Young Adults Into Revolutionaries.  His presentation featured practical advice and showcased several successful case studies being conducted here and abroad.


It was delightful to meet up with young adult ministry practitioners from around the world.  Pastors Bobby Bovell and Eddie Hypolite joined us from Denmark and the United Kingdom respectively, and were among a significant group coming from other countries to join in the training and fellowship.


Maybe the most meaningful for me was the time spent in prayer and worship alongside fellow GODfollowers, passionate about seeking out GOD and ministering to new generations.  A significant part of the Young Adult Ministry Advisory was spent in prayer, asking GOD to insure that our lives are grabbing hold of the most important thing.  In a world full of “good things,” it is easy to be so busy that we miss what is most important.

How wonderful it was to pause amidst the fray of training, networking, advising, and accomplishing–to huddle in prayer; to share our lives and our stories; to enjoy a meal.  IGNITION was not only about discipling others, it was also about enjoying the simple disciplines of relationship with each other and with GOD.


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One Response to IGNITION @ 2009 Adventist Ministries Convention

  1. Manny Cruz says:

    I attended the NAD Ministries Convention in Myrtle Beach and I have to say that I was encouraged to see such a full menu of options for Young Adult Ministry leaders. I was aware of the seminars and presentations that Allan had lined up but I was pleasantly surprised to see a worship element and a convention that was inclusive of Young Adults and Young Pastors. I want to commend our NAD Leadership and Allan for a wonderful experience. I attended the Bible & Bagels breakfast each morning and enjoyed Matthew Gamble’s devotionals. I am excited to see my church being intentional about providing a place for young adults in our church events.

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