One Year Ago Tonight

ignitionOne year ago tonight, we began IGNITION in Dallas, TX, simply making a call out to you to be fueled by worship, ignited to disciple, and to spark a revolution. You did more than spark! Over this last year, GOD’s created an inferno through you.

I dare you to do this [although, I have no expectations that anyone will]: Begin with the first entry in February 2008, asking us to consecrate IGNITION and read…

The 160 entries that follow will give you only a small glimpse of the year we have had. The over 500 comments from around the world will not even touch the surface of the glacial number of young adults awakening to GOD’s call to return to His heart [Jeremiah 24/7].

Our lives have been changed!

I would be remiss if I did not mention, along the way…

  • some of us have been burnt
  • some of us have lost hope
  • some of us have been discouraged
  • some of us have become comfortable

encounterscafeSo, I wanted to just pause this night, and let you know that the GOD who ignited you is still with you. He has not forsaken you. He’s reminding people like me to pray for you and for myself and for all who are GODfollowers. There is no revolution that comes without resistance and this revolution is going to certainly have a fight. So know I’m praying for you, for us, and for those we love.

What GOD has ignited in you is vital, but He’s more in to you, than what you do, what you feel, or what you achieve. Thank you for starting down this road. I am so grateful for you. It is an honor to journey with you. And as we mark this milestone, know that GOD is with us every step of His way.

May tonight we see again a red moon rising.


About A Allan Martin, PhD

Jeremiah 24/7
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One Response to One Year Ago Tonight

  1. sonia perez says:

    Thanks for what you do..

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