warning: cannot be contained…

God cannot be contained. It’s a fact: You cannot put God in a box. It’s obvious, isn’t it? I mean, this is God we are talking about, not some bargain item you bought at the mall the other day. God cannot be contained, right?

So many times, without realizing it, we try to do just that. We try to put God in a box and wrap Him with a nice little bow. We try to go and do things our way and tell God how we are going to do His work, instead of listening to how He wants it done. It’s a dangerous  thing to think that way, but some churches do it more often then they are willing to admit.

Many times in our personal walk we emulate that mentality. We do the right things, say the right words, and try to act as how we believe a Christian should act. We take religion and the concepts of Christianity and try to put it in a little box with a nice little bow. Many times we take it and categorize God together with it and call it Christianity. But God is not bound by the rules of man; He is a star Maker and life Breather and He is too large for us to even wrap our minds around Him.

I recently watched a sermon by Louie Giglio, in which he spoke of just how big God is. On the map of the universe, the earth on which we live is not even visible to the human eye. The God we worship is so huge, yet He cares for us who live on this spec of dust we call the planet earth.

Science proves God’s greatness. I can’t recall the star that scientists recently discovered, but in the picture of this star that is billions of light years away, a distinct shape can be seen in its center – a silhouette of the cross.  Amazing, huh? I’m so glad that the God of all creation is that big because that means that there is no problem, no situation, no circumstance, and nothing that I go through that He cannot handle. But God cares about the small details too.

In part two of his sermon, Loui Giglio introduces his audience to lamenin. Its a tiny protein that basically acts as the glue that holds us together. If you were to see a diagram or see a picture of lamenin, it would blow your mind. Why? Because it just so happens that this protein is in the shape of the cross. I love what Mr. Giglio says when he points out that this proves that “in Christ all things hold together.”

The complexity of the human body is so precise and wonderfully constructed with detail, that scientists still don’t know everything about it. This is proof that God is not only huge, but also cares about the small things. I’m glad of this evidence, because it  shows that my problems, situations, and circumstances are never too small for Him to deal with. God is in the big picture and in the details.

Sometimes I think that when someone picks up God’s word for the first time that they should see a warning label on the cover. The label should read: “Warning: cannot be contained”, because when we get to know the Lord and receive His love, we should not be able to to keep it to ourselves. God and His love cannot be contained! It doesn’t always come in the ways we want or expect it, but that’s the wonderful thing about Him. He is not bound to the ways we think, but expresses Himself in the utmost creative ways beyond our imagination!

If you claim to know Christ and no one else around you knows you follow Him unless you tell them,then  re-evaluate how you know God. I’m not saying you should go around to each person you meet and announce you are a Christian, but be honest about your walk with Christ or lack of one. When each individual, who makes up the body of Christ, is truly walking with Him, the impossible becomes possible; mountains can be moved; the earth can be shaken; His work completed  and His  second coming hastened.

When Christ is not the only option in your life and you can choose to take Him or leave Him, you might as well not have Him.  Because God will not be taken half-heartedly. Being in a relationship with Him requires all of you –  mind, body, and heart.

So, if you have been praying or doing what you think God wants, and haven’t seen His hand moving or seen His blessings, then maybe you haven’t really been listening to what He’s trying to tell you.  Maybe you’ve limited what God could do through you – maybe you tried putting Him in a box with a little bow. Remember that it’s God you’re dealing with and He cannot and will not be contained…


About jaealindogan

Jae is currently a team member of a worship team consisting of young people from north and south New Jersey, and has worked in youth ministries as a part-time volunteer from 2006-2009. In 2009, Jae began working full-time in youth ministries.
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