Pastor’s DVD 15 emphasizes Young Adult Ministry

Young Adult Resource Provided Free to Local Church

pdvd15coversmThe Pastor’s DVD Volume 15 (PDVD15), a vervent product of the NAD Church Resource Center, features practical resources for young adult ministry in the local church. Ranging from best practice examples to worship media resources, this edition gives special emphasis to discipling those post-high school through young parenthood.

“I found PDVD15 very useful and relevant,” endorsed Pastor Jose Bourget, Illinois Conference Young Adult Ministry Coordinator. “With young adults creating much of the content, it amplifies the significance of this pertinent tool, nimble enough to nurture a very eclectic audience.”

In collaboration with the SonScreen Film Festival, PDVD15 has captured award-winning video segments, produced by young adults, and coupled them with biblically-based discussion questions. This makes for simple-to-use, yet thought-provoking media resources for young adult small groups and Bible study.

sonscreenlogo“I enjoyed the inspiring and creative SonScreen videos by young adults,” offered Pastor Tara VinCross, of the Chestnut Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church in Philadelphia, PA. “They invite us to reflect on the spiritual journey in new ways.”

Beyond the DVD media files, there are scores of electronic resources available for download to a leader’s computer. PowerPoint worship slides, ministry articles, and newsletters are among the host of documents that augment the captivating video segments.

“PDVD15 contains newly developed ministry tools, resources, and emerging ministry profiles,” observed Amy Prindle, Associate Communication Director for the Mid-America Union Conference. “These put a spotlight on what many leaders across the country are doing to involve younger adults in the important work of spreading the Good News, and putting faith where it belongs: In Action.”

“Best of all, PDVD15 is free to each North American Division church, distributed through each region’s conference to the pastor of each congregation,” says A. Allan Martin, Associate Professor of Discipleship & Family Ministry at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary. “So don’t let it sit on the pastor’s library shelf. Make full use of Pastor’s DVD 15 to deepen the devotion of young adults to Jesus!”


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