Campus Spiritual Leadership

I was delighted to find both students and ministry professionals at the recent Campus Spiritual Leadership Graduate Certificate intensives held at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary.  This bright and relevant group of practitioners pooled their experience and know-how to help expand this much needed arena of ministry.


I have great hopes that we will see more campuses impacted by the talents of these ministers, and see their ranks grow.

Where are the Students, an informative video clip about campus ministry can be found among the constellation of media on the Pastor’s DVD, Volume 15. In addition to being available at all North American Division churches through their local pastor,  additional copies are available through AdventSource.


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7 Responses to Campus Spiritual Leadership

  1. Bill says:

    Thanks for posting, Allan. I think the great need for ACF now is marketing. We need to find better ways of getting pastors, conference administrators, faculty and students aware of ACF. We need to do better marketing of the CSL program, too.

    • aamphd says:

      I completely agree. The best I’ve seen is enthusiastic word of mouth. Nothing beats the high endorsement and strong encouragement of a person who is passionate about campus ministry! Would love to hear all that is working for folks to get the word out!

  2. Cyril says:

    The Campus Spiritual Leadership Graduate Certificate is an excellent training for practitioners as well as those moving into this line of ministry. Ron and Kirk are doing an great service for those across the division.

    The discipleship adventure was rich. You would be wise to keep it as a part of the Campus Spiritual Leadership Graduate Certificate. Now to put the lessons learned into practice!

  3. Ron Pickell says:

    Many thanks for all those who made this years Graduate Certificate in Campus Spiritual Leadership program a great success. I feel that this years participants really got their tuitions worth of resource and information from field participants, practitioners and great class participation. Special thanks to Laurence Burn for presenting “The Discipleship Adventure” a discipleship program we are now offering as discipleship series on campus. Special thanks as well to Kirk King and the “Campus Catalyst” campus ministry training, Bill Cork, Darchelle Worley, Keren Toms, Jeff Boyd and Duane Coyrig for their excellent presentations.

    ACF leaders are requesting leadership and resources and thanks to the Religious Education Department here at Andrews in partnership with the Adventist Christian Fellowship North American Division Youth and Young Adut Department we are well on the way to providing such resources.

  4. Kirk King says:

    The students who participated in this years CSL class provide great hope for the future of campus ministry in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Thank you to Bill Cork and Cyril Millet for taking time out of their busy schedules to join us and add their experience to the group. Hats off to the Religious Education Department and the Seminary for including campus ministry in their program.

    Campus ministry needs to be integrated into the fabric of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. These classes help by increasing awareness and providing specialized training.

  5. Mike Stevenson says:

    I am bummed that more campuses and collegians were not able to grab ahold of this training. College is a tumultous time…maybe we need to start aiming our advertizing at highschool seniors that have already shown potential for leadership while at school. This way, as they march onto campus and into these squishy years of college we can track and influence them more effectively. I for one will be happy to sponsor the first such student… to find said student !!!
    SO many good things ….so little time !!!!!

  6. Bill says:

    Mike, I think that’s an important element. That would mean connecting with academy seniors, being present at youth gatherings, etc. Ron, will there be an ACF booth at Osh Kosh?

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