Nicholas Zork Explores Postmodern Worship @ IGNITION

Nicholas Zork will be discussing the challenges and opportunities of young adult worship ministry in a postmodern matrix at IGNITION, a young adult ministry training event, slated for April 7-11, 2010, Greater Columbus Convention Center, 400 North High Street, Columbus, Ohio.  To register or for more information go to

Participation in worship can be integral to the way that today’s young adults come to faith and grow spiritually.  Unfortunately, young adults are largely missing from most congregations’ worship gatherings.  Effective and transformational worship ministry with young adults does not begin by dressing up, repackaging, or remarketing an event that continues to ignore the fundamental way that many young adults perceive the world.  Zork will suggest ways that the language, symbols, and stories of a worshiping community can once again become central to how young adults come to participate in God’s kingdom, connect with the Church, and form a relationship with Christ.

Nicholas Zork is a worship leader, songwriter, and the director of the Andrews University Music and Worship Conference.  He is also the editor of the new Best Practices for Adventist Worship email newsletter, published by the North American Division Church Resource Center.  He regularly leads worship and presents workshops at events around the country.  Currently, he is pursuing a PhD in Christian Worship at Fuller Theological Seminary.

Zork is among a powerful array of coaches to be featured at IGNITION focusing on young adult leadership development with experiences, training, worship, and intensives intended to equip and empower registrants.  IGNITION is sponsored by the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists [NAD], and endorsed by the NAD Young Adult Ministry Advisory [YAMA].

Register today to take advantage of the best pricing packages, For more information, follow

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