Stacia D. Wright Reveals the Power of Film and the Arts @ IGNITION

Stacia D. Wright will be exhibiting the ministry potency of film and the creative arts at IGNITION, a young adult ministry training event, slated for April 7-11, 2010, Greater Columbus Convention Center, 400 North High Street, Columbus, Ohio.  To register or for more information go to

Stacia D. Wright will be discussing and showing examples of how utilizing film and the arts in an effective way can open the door to a much larger ministry and impact on young adults and people of all ages. Film and the creative arts have the unique ability to reveal divine truths through earthly illustrations. By connecting scenes of life, experiences, and grabbing the over stimulated attention of today’s young people by speaking to them in their language… you can impress their hearts and then invoke transformation for changing the world around them.

Stacia D. Wright is the producer and co-founder of the SONscreen Film Festival, which is sponsored by the North American Division Church Resource Center where she also serves as project and event coordinator. The SONscreen Film Festival, now in its 9th year of existence was created to nurture Christian filmmakers in their craft, career development, and spiritual life. Through the use of film and other creative media, music and video resources, Stacia will show and discuss how engaging young people in film and creative arts can effectively keep them connected to the church and at the same time educate, empower, inform, and inspire them to be positive agents for Christ in this ever-changing media world.

Wright is among a powerful array of coaches to be featured at IGNITION focusing on young adult leadership development with experiences, training, worship, and intensives intended to equip and empower registrants.  IGNITION is sponsored by the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists [NAD], and endorsed by the NAD Young Adult Ministry Advisory [YAMA].

Register today to take advantage of the best pricing packages, For more information, follow


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