Beyond Coffee: Being the Church that Reaches New Generations

With IGNITION we begin an intentional strategy to build relationships with young adults, deepening their devotion [and ours] to Jesus.  As you prepare to join us at IGNITION, please watch the above clip and begin to read Stetzer, Stanley, and Hayes’ book, Lost and Found: The Younger Unchurched and the Churches that Reach Them (Threads offers a free copy of Stetzer’s book if you sign up for their newsletter).

We’re hoping that questions, thoughts, ideas, and insights will start to percolate between your ears, and you’ll come to IGNITION ready to engage the discussions, but also be ready to take intentional action in building discipleship relationships with young adults.

Parallel to Stetzer, I endorse authenticity, belonging, compassion, and discipleship as critical to building young adult relationships.  And at IGNITION it is our purpose to equip you practically, to inspire you spiritually, and to encourage you personally — revolutionizing our hearts for the sake of Christ’s fame.

Would love your comments here and on facebook as we head to IGNITION, to spark GOD’s flame.  Don’t miss a moment as we join Christ in his loving embrace of new generations.


About A Allan Martin, PhD

Jeremiah 24/7
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