The ABC’s and D’s of Young Adult Worship Workshop: Media Library

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Recently I presented a workshop at the 2010 Worship and Music Conference held at Andrews University.  I did so on behalf of Dr. Allan Martin and his research into the topic.  For those of you who have been asking about the materials I used in the presentation, I thought I’d upload the Powerpoint (w/presenters notes, and reference section), the handout I gave, as well as a link to the video used.

As a bonus, you can download the entire book Lost and Found by surfing over to and following their instructions there.  This is a $25 value here!  Both Dr. Martin and I have quoted this book extensively, and find it an invaluable resource.  Lost and Found, I believe, is one of the best young adult resources ministry leaders can have in their libraries today.  This book, by Stetzer, Stanley and Hayes provides a practical thought stimulating primer on emerging young adult cultural values and what churches are doing to connect with them.  Watch the video linked on the site, then download the book PDF.  You’ll be glad you did!



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Follow these links to catch the rest of the materials Dr. Martin has put together following up on his webinar on the ABC’s and D’s of Young Adult Relationships a couple weeks ago:

Additionally, here are some links to other articles and resources helpful to read and gain more information on this subject of Young adult Ministry.  These were all prepared or suggested by Dr. Martin in preparation for “ABC’s and D’s” Workshops:


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