Missing in Action

Andy Nash writes over at Adventist Today:

This week I called the North American Division to ask how many delegates under age 30 they would be sending to the General Conference Session this summer. Out of 240 North American Division delegates, zero will be under age 30. (In 2005 it was 1; in 2000 it was zero.) President Schneider, I don’t doubt that you have a heart for young people, but wouldn’t you agree that this sends the wrong message? Other divisions around the world make a determined effort to represent young people in their delegations. Shouldn’t North America do the same?


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4 Responses to Missing in Action

  1. deeperguy says:

    I think that the GC just reiterates what the Adventist Church in North America has made clear for decades: as a denomination they don’t care about young people. Individuals within the denomination try mightily, but as a church body the message is simply “no thanks, you’re not wanted/needed here.” All you have to do is follow the money and see how much is devoted to “adult” ministry vs. how much is devoted to youth/ya ministry. The discrepancy is staggering.

    Until the NAD remembers that the church was founded by young people, it will continue in its journey into non-existence as older members die off and there is no one left to carry on. It’s the natural result of making young people feel unwanted in the SDA church all this time, and the incredible uphill fight anyone wanting to reach youth/ya in the SDA church has.

    Fortunately God has not given up on them, and many YA are finding God on their own. Hallelujah!

  2. Marcelo says:

    This is extremely sad and disappointing.

    I heard a story about a pastor around this area who used to say, “we don’t need to care about young people, they will leave the church during college, but will be back after they have kids. We have better things to worry about.”

    It angers me every time I remember this.

  3. Wow. This hurts, but really, what else is new. ;(

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