IMPACT Atlanta Ain’t For Everyone

[Apologies to my academy english teacher, Dr. Pamela Harris, for the title of this post.]

As in Judges 7, we’re anticipating GOD selecting out exactly who He wants to have be among the 250 delegates to IMPACT Atlanta [iATL].  And to help you discern if GOD is inviting you to join us, let me share with you who iATL is and isn’t for.

It ain’t for pew-sitters.

iATL is for young adult Activists.

We will be giving humanitarian and compassionate services to those in need.  Working in collaboration with local churches and social welfare agencies of Atlanta, we’ll be rolling up our sleeves and sharing Christ’s heart through our actions.

It ain’t for posers.

iATL is for GODfollowing Disciples.

We will spend intentional time in GOD’s Word. We will be apprenticed in fulfilling Christ’s Great Commission.  We will take quality time to foster authentic relationships with GOD and each other.  We will worship whole-heartedly, pursuing a 24/7 experience of the living GOD.

It ain’t for whiners or tourists.

iATL is for a new generation of Adeventist Leaders.

We will be equipped in the habits and attitudes of Christ-following leadership. We will meet with Adventist leadership and discover how our church functions. For these ten days, we will join our talents with our young adult peers from literally around the world, lending our innovation and talents for the cause of Christ.

It ain’t for kill-joys.

iATL is for GRACEfull young ambassadors.

Focusing on Ephesians 2, we will share the power and impact of grace with each other and the world.  We will have opportunity in relevant and vibrant ways to express and offer the gift of Gods’ grace to metro-Atlanta, to our peers, to our church, and to our world. We don’t intend for the impact of God’s grace to start nor stop with Atlanta, rather we commit to proclaiming God’s grace forever.

It ain’t for everyone.

But we’re hoping IMPACT Atlanta is for You.

If you are a young adult [collegiate age through young professionals age 35], who senses GOD inviting you to iATL, please act now!

Early registration discounts have been extended! You can still get the best registration and package rates, but with Adventist young adults from around the world vying for the same select spots, you don’t want to wait.

EASY! Information and reference forms can now be submitted by email. We’ve made it easy to complete the iATL forms electronically.  And now you can send them to Elder James Black at NAD Youth/Young Adult Ministries Office via email,

Ask for the money and support. There is no way cash will get in the way of your joining us because God is inviting you.  So have the courage and determination to ask adults, church leaders, friends, and family to tangibly support you, in addition to the monies you will personally invest to come to iATL.  The iATL packages are as cheap as we can get it, so get bold and ask for the support you need to be with us.

We’re hoping you are not everyone. If so, and God is compelling you to join us for IMPACT Atlanta, June 23 – July 3, 2010, go to and get started today!


About A Allan Martin, PhD

Jeremiah 24/7
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