Encountering GOD. . . Together

Endorsed as the Discipleship Book of the Year, GODencounters: Pursuing a 24/7 Experience of Jesus offers honest passages intended to deepen the reader’s devotion to Christ.  The book mirrors a discipleship movement among new generations, seeking a 24/7 experience of the living GOD.  GODfollowers of all ages are encouraged to engage GODencounters in both private worship and in community with others.

“When my best friend and I decided to start a weekly young women’s study group, we excitedly chose GODencounters: Pursuing a 24/7 Experience of Jesus as our first guide,” shared Izabelle Streetmaker, a University of Central Oklahoma graduate. “Even though the ladies of our group came from all different Christian backgrounds, through the study of GODencounters, we shared and grew together in our relationships with each other and definitely in our individual relationships with our amazing GOD!”

I’d encourage you to encounter GOD together with a group!  Izabelle’s experience can be yours too by taking GODencounters: Pursuing a 24/7 Experience of Jesus and sharing with a group your discoveries and insights.  The ways to do this can be quite simple.

“We would each personally read and journal on the chapters during the week, and then join together to express  what GOD had shown us through the experiences shared in this book,” noted Izabelle. “With such a variety of authors, there always came an opportunity to look at things in a fresh, new way. Across these pages came a constant message, challenging us to not just know our faith, but to stand up and daily live in it!”

Living out GODencounters as a group can take many forms: a dormitory worship series, a house church, a small group bible study, a group of friends, a Sabbath School class, just about any gathering of friends or family or even new acquaintances.

To help you get started on this group experience, I am very eager to get you a good price on books.  So if your wanting to order GODencounters in quantity, send me an email [amartin@GODencounters.org], and we will get you copies at the best discount price possible.

Dr. Jose Vicente Rojas lauds, GODencounters: Pursuing a 24/7 Experience of Jesus expresses the heart of new generations and their desire to lend their whole lives to the cause of Christ. As this movement continues to swell among young adults, I whole-heartedly encourage GOD followers of all ages to join in holy pursuit living lives fully devoted to Jesus. GODencounters…check it out!”

Available at your local Adventist Book Center, find GODencounters also online at http://www.adventistbookcenter.com or amazon.com


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