GODencounters DC/Baltimore: RESTORE

GODencounters: RESTORE

October 8 & 9, 2010


The theme is “restore: rebuilding relationships through rejuvenating faith,”and features speaker Matthew Gamble.

The gathering begins with the Rick Anderson worship band, and a presentation by Matthew Gamble Friday night, 8:00 p.m. at the New Hope Church. At 10:00 pm Encounters Café continues with Sky Solo, a band filled with ‘Jesusness.’

GODencounters picks up again Sabbath afternoon at 12:30 pm October 9 with Matthew Gamble, potluck lunch, mission opportunities followed by a final presentation and book signing by Matt Saturday night.

There is no charge to attend this event and we want anyone that would like to come to feel welcome to do so!

GODencounters is a movement of young adults who are wholeheartedly seeking a 24/7 experience of GOD, recklessly living for His renown.

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3 Responses to GODencounters DC/Baltimore: RESTORE

  1. I can hardly wait! I LOVE GODencounters!

  2. Natasha Carter says:

    I can’t wait either. Me and my sister went to GODencounters at the GC with iATL and we were so excited when we heard you guys were coming here.

  3. Eileen Gemmell says:

    Hey–if you know any young adults who want to come, but don’t live close-by, I’m lining up free accomodations for them for Friday night–just contact me or reply to this msg.

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