#reCharge2011 Young Adult Ministry Resource Library

Over the weekend of March 19, 25-30 Young Adult Leaders from all over the Great Lakes Region of the US congregated in Chicago for the yearly #reCharge2011 Youth Leadership summit. Pastors James Black, Sid Hardy, and I taught back to back seminars on various topics of Young Adult ministry, having intimate and fruitful discussions with those shaping the practices of today’s church.

Topics included Pastor Black’s “walking under the bridge” (reference to homeless ministry) to do more than just talk in our christian life.

Pastor Hardley presented on characteristics of the millennial generation, and creating a young adult friendly congregation. I taught on the 4 core values of today’s young adult generation, and the transformational model of young adult ministry.

It was an intense evening and day of digging deep into the things that make our generation tick, and how we as Christians can connect Jesus into the mix.

If you were not able to attend, no need to worry. In a few weeks (April 4-6), a similar training seminar will convene in Arlington Texas at

#Ignition2011 Young Adult Leaders Convention.

For more information on this NAD sponsored Youth Training Summit, visit the #Ignition2011 FAQ’s page.

For Young Adult Leaders in attendance at #reCharge2011 and across the Ignition blogosphere:

I’ve decided to make available as much of my presentation material as possible. Below are live previews and fully downloadable documents. I only ask that you have a look at my about.me/kasperjr website and use this material for building the Kingdom. Thanks for your input into this process, and keep in touch about your progress!

Don’t forget you can download a free copy of the book Lost and Found by Ed Stetzer by clicking the picture below.

by Kasper Haughton, Jr.

Previously serving as a worship leader and youth pastor in the South Pacific and North American Division, Kasper Haughton, Jr. is currently a graduate student at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, Andrews University.  You can view his blog and website links at about.me/kasperjr.

Powerpoint Presentation (2 sessions in 1)

Presenter’s notes #1

Presenter’s Notes #2

Video on the book “Lost and Found”

Video from Benjamin Lundquist on Transformational Youth Ministry

ABCs & Ds Small Group Workshop Lesson Plan #1

ABCs & Ds Small Group Workshop Lesson Plan #2

ABCs & Ds Small Group Workshop Lesson Plan #3

ABCs & Ds Small Group Workshop Lesson Plan #4

Methodological Paper

Ministry Model Writeup

Journal Article

Passport Flyer


About kasperjr

This blog is just storage for a few thoughts I have collected over time. You can find me at facebook.com/kasperjr
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One Response to #reCharge2011 Young Adult Ministry Resource Library

  1. Kasper thanks for lending your research and expertise to all of us! Glad to hear it went well in the Windy City. Looking forward to having you here in the Metroplex.

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