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Habits and Attitudes of Leadership and Discipleship Shared at IGNITION Summit 2011

“The speakers, workshops and resources made available at IGNITION Summit 2011 have inspired me to do even more ministry for GOD, reaching new generations,” shared Trey Sharp, a pastor from Burleson, Texas.  “I am refreshed, energized, and ready to go!  … Continue reading

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“I am quitting Adventism…”

Meet Julie. Julie is a friend of mine. Julie’s name is not really Julie, you could insert the name of your son or daughter instead. I haven’t seen Julie since I cheered her across the graduation stage at one of our fine SDA universities to finally live life in the “real world.” Julie moved away from our SDA institution to a town near you, and she’s not just a statistic from your latest book on youth ministry. Actually, Julie and her husband probably go to your church…for now. Julie is taking a break from Adventism. I asked her if it would be okay to share her recent blog to you all in hopes that the silent majority might gain even a small voice. Here is her confession: Continue reading

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